How my grandpa broke the curse of the Great Bambino!

Once again its baseball season but in my family, all that means is its time to watch our beloved Boston Red Sox.

For years now my family has been united through the Red Sox. Whenever our family gets together, we somehow end up talking about the Red Sox whether it’s about the upcoming season or about how much we hate the Yankees who are the Red Sox rival. This love for the Red Sox in my family comes from my grandpa Gerald Lampman who made sure his three children Debbie (my mom), David (my uncle), Sherry (my aunt) were also all Red Sox fans. By the time I was born I had no choice but to be a Boston Red Sox fan.

Sadly I never did get the chance to meet my grandpa who passed away at the age of 51 from a stroke after battling diabetes for a long time. Because I never got the opportunity to meet my grandpa growing up I was curious about him I would ask questions like “what was he like?” and I would always get told by my mom that he was a family man who loved the Boston Red Sox. I didn’t quite realize how big of a Boston Red Sox fan my grandpa was until the year of 2004 when the Red Sox were facing their bitter rivals the Yankees in the ALCS down three games in a seven-game series. During that time the Red Sox had not won a World Series in 86 years and were said to have a curse on them called “the curse of the Great Bambino.”  Being able to come back in that series seemed to be impossible, and it looked like it was just going to be another miserable year as a Red Sox fan. That was until my grandma who never pays attention to sports and had no clue the Red Sox were still playing called my Uncle David her son and told him a crazy story.

Now, this crazy story is best told through my Uncle David who wrote a letter to his Dad and my grandpa to Inform him of what happened. This letter is not only about the Red Sox, but it’s also about family.

                            Dear Dad

Well, mom did it again. You know how we always loved those mom stories. Like when she put dry gas in the wrong car. Or the time she got her toe stuck in the water drain in the bathtub or the time she jumped in the pool and her top came off. Well, I have another one. 

This started two weeks ago. The Red Sox were in the American League finals. As you remember it’s been 86 years since they’ve won the World Series. Oh yeah, last year they maintained the curse by loosing to the Yankees in 12 innings, back to 2 weeks ago. The Red Sox already lost two games in a row. I made a mistake to go out on game 3 to watch it at a bar. Needless to say they loss 19-8. I had every fan in the world shouting at me telling me the curse, 1918, Buckner, Boone. I had given up on the Red Sox and refused to watch game 4. Every Yankee fan had called and harassed me. Another year of those damn Yankee fans.

The next day I get a call from mom. She asked me if the Red Sox were still playing because she had a dream. I thought she’s not even a Yankee fan and she’s calling to make fun of me. She proceeds to tell me about this dream, and that you told her to get all the guys together because the Red Sox are going to win the World Series, I waited a moment because I didn’t have anything nice to say. So I told her ” do you know anything. It’s over, and I don’t want to discuss the Red Sox”. She persisted in saying to me that she believed the dream and the Red Sox would win. I told her if they win I would believe in Santa and would become a born again Christian.

The rest is history. The Red Sox pulled it out of their ass and won it. They won the whole damn thing. I’m generally a skeptical person, but I do believe this. I’ve lost a lot of faith over the years and was very frustrated with you. You left to soon and left me with a lot of questions. Mom’s dream and the fact that it became a reality made me close a chapter in my life.

I now accept the fact that everything happens for a reason. Whatever you did, I know you did it for the family. You’ll never understand how much I worshipped you and respected you. You died before I became a man and I never was able to understand you. I now know that all the times I thought you were challenging me; you were preparing me for life. I now realize you weren’t just pushing me to annoy me, but that in my career you most preserved in all situations. In my job I’ve utilized all of your life lessons to become the person, I am today. I now yell that the light is left on. I scream when the Nimo bill comes. I ask my kids if money grows on trees. I now know that you weren’t crazy, but I made you crazy. 

I used to despise your sarcasm, and now I am loathed with the gift of sarcasm you gave me. I used to fight becoming you, and now I accept I’m a part of you. I have many of your characteristics. Your sarcasm, your gift to charm, your patience or lack thereof and your sense of family. Although I have achieved financial stability, I’ll never forget the most important life lessons you provided me. The family is first, and it’s the only thing you can count on. There’s not a vacation, picnic, movie, board game, Christmas day, card game, or a day at the beach that I don’t think of you. I used to think those days were corny and now I worship to have those days with my family.

You would be proud to see your kids and what they’ve become. The best part is we all ended up with the people you knew and loved. Sherry married Tom. I married Abeir and Debbie continues to have a successful marriage with Mark. Both Debbie and I have added two boys to the family. Tyler Mounce and Nicholas Gerald Lampman. Mom is the heart and soul of this family. She is an amazingly strong woman and has a heart of gold. She’s accomplished things that most married couples can’t accomplish. She still does daycare and is now attending weddings and graduations from previous kids she watched. You would be very proud of her independence.

After the Red Sox won as predicted by mom’s dream, I was able to accept a chapter in my life that I couldn’t previously let go of. We’ve all moved on, but I assure you, your memory will always be kept.

I was always to macho and proud to say this, but I love you dad and I always will so, until we meet someday again.

                                                                            Love Your Son

Shortly after the Red Sox went on to win the World Series, the whole family got together to celebrate with my grandpa in spirit the win. To this day I believe my grandpa was the reason the Red Sox broke the curse of the Great Bambino. Rest in peace grandpa love you.

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