I Think The AL Wild Card Game Took 5 Years Off My Life

LET’S. GO. The Yankees pulled off a gutsy victory in as crucial of a game a team can possibly have this far into the season. The bullpen was HUGE, 8 and 2/3 of an inning, that is unreal. This game felt like it was about 9 hours long, and all of it was filled with the lowest of low points and the highest of high points, heart wrenching drama, and an electric crowd all of which led to an incredible viewing experience (at least for Yankee fans).

All day, actually, all week I was mentally preparing myself for this game. I swung back and forth from nervous to confident a million times. By the time I was officially confident, the line ups were released. I was sitting in class, so naturally I immediately looked at the line up, and the first name I saw was Brian Dozier, and I immediately thought to myself “I got a bad feeling about that guy”. I know what you’re thinking, “HOT TAKE, you had a bad feeling about the best hitter on their team”, but it wasn’t just a bad feeling, it’s like I knew something bad was going to happen. And what do ya know, but on the first at bat of the game Brain Dozier take Luis Severino deep, breaking Yankee fan’s hearts everywhere. You could tell Severino was not on form the jump, not locating his fastball, and missing with all his off-speed pitches. After the homerun to Dozier, Severino went on to give up another 2-run home run to Eddie Rosario before getting yanked by Girardi with runners on second and third after only recording a single out. Yikes. But Joe Girardi went Belichick on us; NEXT MAN UP. And the man was Chad Green. God, I love him, he had perfect damage control and got out of the jam.

Now the Yankees are down 3-0 and it is Brett Gardner to lead off. He put together a great at bat and worked a walk, Judge then muscled a broken bat single up the middle, so it is now first and third for Didi Gregorius. Didi got himself into a hitter’s count, sat dead red on a fastball and took Ervin Santana’s sorry pitch TO THE MOON. I have never gotten so amped watching a sporting event then I did when I heard the crack of the bat.


Now it was a brand-new ball game, Yanks bullpen vs the Twins bullpen, I loved those odds. The bullpen really put out for the Yanks as Green ended his 2-inning outing with 4 strike outs. Next man up was David Robertson who was low key the MVP of the game, guy who is used to going 1 inning gave the Yanks 3 and 1/3 of an inning of shut out baseball, thus allowing the Yankees offense to do their thing.

With the Yankee bullpen giving up a total of 1 run after Severino was taken out, the offense was able to settle in and get comfortable. Right out of the tie in the first, Brett Gardner stepped to the plate again, worked yet another good at bat, this time he wasn’t settling for a walk. He took Ervin Santana’s pitch to Kingdom Come, and let Santana know as he stared right through his soul and put the fear of God into him. Greg Bird came up big and had the go ahead single to put the Yankees ahead 5-4. Then the Yankees regular season MVP, Aaron Judge, showed his worth as he hit an absolute piss missile into the right field seats. As Judge rounded first we saw something we very rarely see from the humble rookie, emotion. That’s what playoff baseball does to players.

Once the Yanks took the lead and got deep into the Twins’ bullpen there was no looking back. As Green, Robertson, Kahnle, and Chapman straight up shoved the baseball right down the Minnesota Twins’ throat.

Now the Yankees are officially back in the playoffs, facing a tough task in the ALDS in the Cleveland Indians. Bring one, bring all. Start Spreading the News.

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