Infinity Wars Preview Podcast with Billy and Jake

This is a podcast previewing the upcoming Avengers Infinity Wars movie that comes out on April 27th. In this podcast, I talk to my friend Billy Hinkley, a Marvel movie enthusiast, about his thoughts about the movie. We both give our thoughts on many topics about the movie throughout the podcast.

Opening Thoughts- 28 seconds

Important Characters- 3 minutes 31 seconds

Leading Up to the Movie- 5 minutes 41 seconds

Analyzing the Trailer- 7 minutes 0 seconds

Opening Scene Prediction- 8 minutes 44 seconds

Worries Going into the Movie- 12 minutes 20 seconds

Where’s Stan Lee?- 13 minutes 40 seconds

Post Credit Scene Prediction- 14 minutes 50 seconds

Where to Go Next- 16 minutes 30 seconds

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