Interview with Student Athlete Nolan Vest

Nolan Vest, a senior at SUNY Cortland, is a member of the track and cross country teams. Nolan has been running track and cross country since his freshman in high school.

Nolan sat down with me to talk about being a student-athlete at Cortland.

Q: “What made you start out running track?”

A: “I enjoyed running the mile in junior high gym class, and ended up getting letters from my high school to try out fro the track team. And since I enjoyed running so much, I figured I would try out, and it ended up working out.”

Q: “What was the recruitment process like right before college?”

A: “There was not much recruiting going on because I was planning on going to a division III school instead of a division II or division I. So I wasn’t getting many letters from colleges at the end of high school.”

Q: “What made you choose Cortland over other division III schools?”

A: “Cortland had the best Sport Management program out of all the other schools that I visited and since that was the major I was going for, that was a big appeal for me. And I was in contact with the coach here and when I came here on an official visit, I liked it more than all the other schools that I visited.”

Q: “How many other schools did you visit and consider?”

A: “I applied and visited Franklin Pierce in New Hampshire, which was a division 2 school. And I also visited but didn’t apply to Ithaca college.”

Q: “How do you balance school work and being a student athlete?”

A: “Time management is obviously really important. I just have to make sure that I stay on top of my work so it doesn’t conflict with my athletic schedule. But my schedule can be busy at times, so it takes a large amount of time management and just organization skills to make sure everything stays in order.”

Q: “And how much time does that give you for social life outside of these things?”

A: “I think it is a common misconception that student athletes don’t have any social life at all. It is a busy schedule with classes and practice and events, but as long as you can stay on top of everything, there still is time to be social in college.”

Q: “If you could give one piece of advice for income freshman student athletes, what would it be?”

A: “Learning how to balance everything is tough at first. But once you get into the swing of things and learn the campus and meet some friends, everything starts to get easier. Definitely just to stick with it.”

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