It’s Over! It’s Over! The Losing Streak Is Over!

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The Jets are the definition of the gift that keeps on giving. Finally bench the worst QB in the NFL two weeks too late in favor of Geno Smith. Then Geno gets injured and we’re forced to bring Fitzpatrick in because of the four quarterbacks we DESPERATELY needed to keep, only two are active and the emergency QB is a running back. Jets gonna Jets I guess.

Somehow the Jets still pulled this one out. The first half was an absolute snooze fest, similar to what I’ve been watching the past four weeks of the season. The second half was all on the Jets defense. They got pressure on Joe Flacco who did not put in an elite performance, forced turnovers for the first time since the Sack Exchange was around and were flying around the field with a confidence I haven’t seen in weeks.

Matt Forte was a bull today. 154 total yards with two total touchdowns. The Ravens have the number one run defense in the league? Have a day big fella! 30 carries is very concerning being that he’s not the cowbell back you usually give that amount to but hey, when you need a win you have to disregard those kind of things.

The young receivers for this team showed out today. Quincy Enunwa might actually be  is the offenses best weapon. The guy never stops and in the blink of an eye can turn an eight yard catch into a 69 yard touchdown a la his touchdown today. Robby Anderson, while being the thinnest wide receiver in the history of football, has a lot of heart of in him and actually gives a damn about catching the ball.

There are still a ton of things that this Jets team needs to clean up. Special teams is still not very good, which we saw with the fumbled punt that ended up with a Ravens touchdown. Brandon Marshall needs to stop dropping easy passes that stall drives. This team also needs to establish a killer instinct. They played not to lose the whole time they had the lead when they had the chance to stop on the throat of this Ravens team and put the game away earlier than they did. A wins a win though and after what us Jets fans sat through the last four weeks, I don’t care if they won 3-2.

The first Victory Monday is tomorrow and everything will be well for at least a week. Waking up doesn’t suck as much, coffee tastes a little bit better and I won’t be miserable. Bring me to Cleveland!

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