Jacob deGrom Hyperextends Right Elbow

What a week for Mets pitchers. First it was Matt Harvey (allegedly) ripping it up in LA the night before a rocky outing. I don’t hate this at all. I’ve often said the way Harvey gets back to 2015 Harvey is simply by throwing a massive hog in his cheek. The bigger the dip he puts in the better he pitches, it’s as simple as that. (I have no stats to back this up but I will never waver from this idea.)

Now last night, Jacob deGrom hyperextended his elbow. It wasn’t from throwing a nasty slider. It wasn’t diving for a ground ball. He didn’t take a liner straight to the elbow. You are surely wondering how he did it aren’t you?

He swung and missed at a pitch. Swing. Miss. Hyperextended elbow. You can’t make this up. We have no clue how long he’s out for, the extent of the injury or any of that stuff.

Big picture time. It’s time to give up the hope that these guys will be what they wanted to be. It’s over. Time to move on. It was a fun first month of the season and now the injuries we feared are starting. I can’t say I’m surprised that any of this has happened. I would offer deGrom my elbow but there’s no point now. I’m not sad, I’m just disappointed.

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