Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt GO IN On Each Other

I love this. I love these two wonderful human beings. I love that I am alive at the same time these two are alive. 

This is great. With all of the Twitter arguments and very NSFW arguments running rampant around the internet these days, this is what we need. Nostalgia is huge with our generation and this is the perfect reminder that the playground at recess was the place to air out all of your problems with someone. I mean who else couldn’t wait for the end of the day to go in on that kid you didn’t like in class?

“Hey Billy, did your mom pick that outfit for you?”

I think we should turn presidential debates into a nice little game of playground insults. You’re lying if you say you wouldn’t watch that. I need more Jennifer Lawrence, I need more Chris Pratt and I need more playground insults. I might never insult someone without using playground slang ever again.

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