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Maybe consider applying Lugol's iodine to the area followed by DMSO before applying the aloe leaf. She began applying it to a large area with the most cancer and wrapping him with gauze. I am inquiring for a friend if black salve bloodroot capsules can be taken internally as she is going through chemotherapy for lung cancer. For deep sores, I needed to take 2 Dilantin pain killers to sleep for 2 days.. It's a product sold internally and externally with a manual for proper dosing of bloodroot along with mega doses of enzymes to help with 'clean' up internally. People use the underground stem (rhizome) to make medicine. I think it might be rebuilding my knee. 25% Bloodroot powder. © 2021 - Hello Homestead. it would seem to be pretty long. How You can make your own Black Salve. "I'm allergic to petroleum, could I use another cream or lotion? Next, add a few pinches of Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal each. I put it only on for 11 hours and then washed it off. I really do need it asap for my sister in law. Start small and work up but don't let someone convince you that iodine is not important. Historically, Native Americans used bloodroot in combination with other medicinal plants to treat a number of ailments, according to an Australian study on the plant published in 2016 in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. If you have the kind of skin or heritage that gets keloids..... not to worry. The types of cancers most often treated with black salve ingredients — including bloodroot, which is sometimes referred to as black drawing salve — are basal and squamous skin cell carcinomas. Or should I keep it covered and moist for a couple days, then apply Black salve another 12 hours, say on the 3rd night? My reply to Morganism Southwest on 9/3/2017. I'm going tomorrow to a VA dermatologist. I have been applying vitamin E oil around the edges of the wound. If facial growths or moles are small and appear to be without roots, a good alternative to black salve that isn't as strong is ACV or Logol's iodine. We are not sure if this is normal. Audrey, I'm not sure but there is an herbal company here in Oregon called Herb Pharm. I have linked a wonderful video on Black Salve and bloodroot from an herbalist. To use the salve, apply directly to the bug bite, sting or splinter area. Just keep the area clean, moist and covered and your body will do the rest. Good to know! Continue Reading Pro-active Salver Shares Bloodroot Salve Successes on YouTube. Breast to lymph to clavicle bone. . Also will bloodroot dissolve nodes in the thyroid? I would appreciate step by step instructions on how to successfully remove above mentioned without scaring. Black salve is one of a group of topical pastes known as escharotics that contains the ingredients bloodroot and zinc chloride along with various other ingredients that vary depending on the recipe. It was difficult to cover w/bandaid. I see on this forum there are many other herbs that can be used as well along with the bloodroot but my experience was with that herb and H2O2 only. Gently heat the mixture in double boiler, stirring constantly for 30 minuets Remove from heat, stir well, let cool, add DMSO. I think if your search altcanc or altcancer you can find it. I used Bloodroot successfully following the instructions of a Master Herbalist (who grows and creates her own product on her S. Oregon farm) and a horrible experience following a famous Doctor who writes of using herbs, but I realized after he had no training as this woman did (life long). This medicinal plant has gotten a bit of a reputation after several naturopaths and herbal remedies sellers were litigated against for improper medical use and claims. Ingredients Set up a fan so that it dries faster. I have used Cansema for years. Bloodroot Salve Ingredients and Recipe. All during this time I kept using H2O2. I have used Castor oil, cell food, msm and comfrey to speed healing and minimize scarring. My Grandmother discovered this remedy shortly before her son (my uncle) passed away from pancreatic cancer. I am convinced that since the skin grows back with no scar, that this salve also stimulates the adult stem cells and gets them to repair the damaged areas. The plant’s leaves are green and fat with many curvy lobes, and its stems lead down to a network of chunky, red roots. Since then my grandmother has made it a mission to let people know about this alternative cancer remedy. I bought a small bottle of it 8 years ago when I discovered a sore on my arm that wouldn't go away, I applied some to it, my arm swelled a bit in the area, I only applied it once, overnight as the instructions indicated, it acted as a poultice, it drew the cancer out as it killed it, I still have a small scar, it never came back, since then that little 50 dollar bottle is still working, I use it on brown patches that have shown up on my skin over the years, it's still working, it burns a little, then it itches, which is a sign of healing, the company I bought it from said it had a 5 year shelf life, 8 years later I'm still using it, you only need a very small amount, keep it in a dark cool place, I keep it in my dresser drawer, I love the stuff, I tried turning my sister on to it before she had a doctor remove some dark spots that were growing from her hands, she sent me a picture of the scar the surgery left on her hands, the doctor cut it out, I showed her a picture of where my brown spot on my hand was, no cutting no digging the cancer out, no scar, oh, and the money I saved was awesome, I highly recommend the salve. I hope this helps! By accessing or using this website, you agree to abide by the Medical Disclaimer, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK Saint Peregrine Black Drawing Salve is for melanoma, Warts, Moles, Skin Tags, and Other abnormal Skin Growth Just in case: She said it was Bowens Disease, a slow growing cancer. Now, Blood Root is I slept with a 4x4 Magnet Pad directly on the area and experienced that "hurts-so-good" feeling as the toxicity is being removed. I will also send you instructions on how to apply the salve, the benefits and other goodies. The BR was obviously breaking down the mole's tissue and pulling out pus and dead stuff. Whatever will keep the bandaid moist, right?". If it is cancer, it will react visibly and you just continue the treatment until completion. I don't think it is quite as potent as when fresh. He heard about blood root and bought the salve but it was so painful that he could not stand using it and went in the conventional methods. i inadvertently took some internally, yikes. The roots are made into washes, poultices, snuffs, dental powders, and escharotic salves, called red salve by Hoxsey, fixative paste by Dr. Frederic Mohs, black salve by some lay practitioners and Compound X or Indian Mud by others. Traditionally, bloodroot salve is used to treat various skin conditions, including warts, blemishes, skin tags and moles. They offer education from herbalists there, so maybe that's where Lynn got her info? Your home for DIY projects, growing your own food, and independent living. He refused & started with the blood root capsules. I take a gram per day of Lugols. Mix bloodroot, charcoal and polk root in a separate container with a little cooking oil, just enough to cover the herbs, mix well. Stop applying it for a few days or more until you find a doctor that knows. But it comes in 2 parts and you have to mix it yourself. Someone told me about blood root to cure cancer in the patient I am working with who has cancer in the pelvic bone and metastasized to the lungs and is progressing very fast. Bloodroot Salve: Bloodroot as Medicinal Product Bloodroot Salve , also known as Black Salve, is a product classified as an escharotic – a substance that kills unwanted or dead tissue. We are in the Tampa Bay Area & could come to Orlando to see the Dr. Dianne, the salve might have already pulled it out! Is that the only time/application needed? It was a mess. 4-drops of each of these works fine. I was told they are not allowed to send the full, original formula to USA clients. A 2016 research on the benefits of bloodroot suggests that may be helpful in slowing the growth of skin cancer cells. I would try it again however if needed, because I didn't really give it a fair chance: I did not keep moist lotion against the skin under a bandage at night which might have possibly increased effectiveness. and eventually fell off. Thank you Lynn ...I enjoy learning all I can...I want to live. Need strategy. For use in medicine, the root is typically harvested in the fall, when its leaves are starting to die off, according to a fact sheet on the plant by the North Carolina State Extension. I used Neosporin, it worked great. It is ESSENTIAL the user understand that to remove moles with roots or tumors beneath the skin, that the area must be kept very moist and completely covered. I read the ingredient you used. Thanks. They cause no loss of body parts or function, but the products sold today are aggressive. RECIPE 25% Galangal root powder (3 tablespoons) 25% Bloodroot powder (3 tablespoons) 50% Zinc Chloride (6 tablespoons), Source: Background in biochemistry and chemistry of arts, health fields as well. Pleased with the results I am getting. I decided not to try it for that reason. Castor oil speeds the healing process of skin wounds. I have used the salve and it cured a basal cell on my leg. Source:, If you scroll through this website, you'll find some posters talking about commercial black salves and which are legit and which are not. Combine bloodroot with olive oil in a crockpot and cook it on low for 3 hours. In order to understand how it works on skin cancer, it is only wise that you first know what exactly Bloodroot Salve is. Go to tumorx website (I think it's It scared me a bit because I usually tolerate pain well. It will heal from inside and fill the crater with new skin. (two packages will be needed) 50 grams of Chaparral, 50 grams of Graviola, 50 grams of Galangal, each or which are powerful herbs.Combine these ingredients in a bowl. Be prepared to witness the mini "volcano" reaction as your body pushes bits of the growth right through the skin, bit by bit. Escharotics are widely used to treat superficial skin growths like warts, skin cancer and more. BTW - zinc chloride is used to make the penetration faster only. But if worst came to worst, I would try internal/external bloodroot alone or attempt this recipe if I could and a good commercial option became unavailable. She said NEVER apply bloodroot more then ONCE a week! I never noticed it being red. Now have a dirty and growing lymph node and lesion in the clavicle bone. I am also taking a small amount of this internally. Turn off the crockpot and let the mixture cool, then strain it through cheesecloth. The limiting factor behind bloodroot tincture use is too much induces vomiting or emetic, which is what is traditionally used. BLOODROOT SALVE: Bloodroot is a very potent herb! Use a scarring medication to bring down raised places as well even years later. Carefully add the zinc chloride and water mixture, stirring well. However, in the case of skin cancer great care and ideally a doctor's support should be relied upon to verify that all of the cancerous cells have been destroyed. BTW, I lost a family member to stomach cancer 2 months ago, he put his faith in his practitioner, 10 rounds of chemo over a few months, was diagnosed as clear of cancer just before christmas, went for follow up visit 2 weeks later after being allowed to go home, was then diagnosed as having cancer spread through his body, they wanted to put him on further rounds of chemo, wanted to try new drugs, he passed away riddled with cancer, I feel that Chemo was the main cause of his death as his immune system was destroyed, no coming back from that. She has them keep going to the doctors for regular check-ups and x-rays by the time they are done with the regimen the are healthy and the doctors are baffled. I'm allergic to petroleum, could I use another cream or lotion? It is very powerful and will do its job, just needs time (a bandage on top of paste). But again, apply vitamin E to surrounding skin as they can also burn skin. This website I feel has the best recipe for black (bloodroot) salve. 50% Zinc Chloride. I was surprised to find that bloodroot lotion temporarily stained the rough non-pigmented AK patches on the surface of the skin to create a sharp contrast with the surrounding skin so that it became clear exactly where the lesions were located and where the boundaries were. I get my Bloodroot tincture from them. Did you ever try bread soda (also known as baking soda/sodium bicarbonate) as it seems to cure all sorts of external cancer. * 25% Galangal Root powder. Then I keep it moist and clean letting the herb do its work. has anyone used it to treat cancer? I haven't tried it yet. I brewed a nice strong cup as I like burdock root tea, Well ONE gulp was so strong it felt like a chemical burn on my lips. It began working immediately the cancer was beginning to come through the skin in clumps. “A little medicine goes a long way with bloodroot,” Gardiner said. Raised, painful, itchy (later calmed down) and very obvious. I suspect that is true because it is not as effective. They have all the ingredients listed, what they do, and also user testimonials and instructions for use. Then the paste should be thoroughly washed off removing every particle of the salve, preferably with peroxide. I used it once and it got away from me. Thanks for the help, Jacky. Resist the temptation to pull or prod anything off. When I went back to my hometown I looked up the Master herbalist and told her about this experience. What kind if Dr used the salve on you. I took Two Feathers formula for 3 weeks and eradicated a tumor in my upper abdomen. By using iodine, you will get a good idea of what you are dealing with. ALL RIGHT RESERVED. The original Hoxey tonic was mixed in a base of potassium iodide and it was likely very strong. A friend of mine started using it to cure headaches and he noticed that his brain was unusually sharp when attempting to do extremely difficult tasks. Allow your body to push out the debris on it's own time. Pros and Cons of Salve Use In the right hands, escharotics constitute an important option for cancer patients. The growth will return ONLY if you have not killed the roots. A practical, affordable, and effective alternative treatment for cancer in some pets is Neoplasene. Don't ever apply on thin skin, you need at least a centimeter of flesh underneath, or the "crater" won't work, and the effect can flatten out and liquify large areas. How was it for you? Overview Information Bloodroot is a plant. I've just seen many websites, probably FDA and Dermatologist association sponsored scary sites showing people with half of their face missing. What you do is go to the doctor get you x-ray apply it over the area that is most infected with cancer you begin to see it come out day by day. Internally. I am curious to see if there will be any kind of nipple when it is finished. I noticed some very weird spots all over my face and tried some of his salve. so he had to do it again. He had an open sore on his face that was from a cyst that the Dr shaved off. So I do not recommend taking it internally! Bloodroot Capsules-are said to be a better choice for someone who is dealing with a larger tumor, internal tumor, or for a systemic condition that the salve may not be able to reach, although they may not be effective for every situation. I am wondering if you have any more information about treating ulcerated breast cancer with bloodroot. It took weeks to heal - in fact it is still healing as I write. Works good on small skin cancer spots. Very expensive, "secret" recipe, no guarantee and they tell you to take it internally which is to my experience a contraindication. She told me where to buy my own supply. What was the outcome of the process and all that pain you endured? I've also read about people breaking open vitamin E capsules and using that. The roots lie just below the surface of the forest floor, making them easy to dig up and collect. A Hoxey tonic with very high dosed Lugols might be a good idea. The alcohol helps it dry faster and aids in penetration. But it now is just a little bump but always pink., Beats years of chemo huh :), To Nycole, Can you give us more information about the salve,, the mix ratio of the two ingredients, the proces of taking care of the patient, It is very interesting and I would like to try it on some moles and skin spots. FREE Shipping. Both time it definitely was painful. Taking the same formula and have a question. Mixed with other ingredients, such as ash, it’s sometimes called “black salve.”. Essential oils are optional – like these; For the suggestions recommended above, here are the homemade salve recipes below. @Diane Florida - normally for cancer on the skin, a person uses the black salve or bloodroot salve. He cut off another one that was smaller and that was the easier way to go. Use half lavender essential oil and half tea tree oil combination and put it on as it kills keloids. It works on surface skin moles and warts as well as tumors beneath the skin because it kills the growth and it's roots underneath the skin. It's a scam, I have experience with them. Its sap contains a number of alkaloids that are poisonous to ingest above very small amounts, but every part of the plant including its roots can be harvested for the sap or as a powder to be used as a rather powerful topical agent in the treatment of skin tags, moles, eczema, and other skin conditions. Always paint 1cm beyond the visible boundary and if the area reacts try to paint 2 or 3 times per day. Also, there are great companies like- alt in Canada and many others offering clear ingredients and reasonable prices. How are you doing now? Especially since it's right under the skin. There are some recipes here but the link above I feel is more superior. Don't ever do that. All rights reserved. I noticed at the base of the cavit a white thread type thing, it could have been a root to the cancer or a nerve or tendon, but I felt the salve hadn't got it all so into the raw clean empty cavity I put another lot of salve and its been 3 days now, and it has been the worst agony I have ever felt, it has been worse than labour. The Treatments Bloodroot escharotics are aggressive; they destroy cancer and probably some other conditions as well. I figure he, I, and also the dog, got cancer after hanging out there for three years and breathing the dust etc. Kind Regards, Jen. but if you can take the pain for a month or so you should be able to get rid of he cancer and live many more happy years. I am a wholistic practitioner and work with cancer patients all the time. Clean up the diet. From what I understand, the salve should not be spread around the lesion, but rather used sparingly directly on top of the lesion. You will need 1 tablespoon of each of the herbs, finely powdered in a food processor or blender, and ½ cup olive oil. I treated several spots on my arm, wrist and scalp. Each cancer reacts differently. I went ahead and got some black salve from a herbalist, and he actually told me to keep putting it on every day. (I had no idea they had such deep roots! I don't think I read this source here, but I didn't read every single post either. Please note that we use cookies necessary for the functioning of our website, cookies that optimize the performance. I applied 2 lots, 3 days apart, as my shower took off most of the salve, after another 2 weeks out came the cancer -a 12 cm mushroom consistency brain shaped tumor. I would also cut an aloe vera leaf piece big enough to cover the tumor ares, cut it open and tape it over the area with the gel side toward the tumor. But a word of caution: Bloodroot contains a powerful escharotic, a substance that is corrosive. I'm not sure what that stands for. An old time skin remedy I like very much and which contains Zinc is "Porters Salve". I have used it for years with Great results on basal cell. After reading about it I will apply the tea externally to the eczema areas. Ted, what is the bloodroot dosege for a seven yr old child. If you are in Florida, they Florida Medical Marijuana now offers a lotion that dissolves cancer in 30 days a MD told me. My partner is going through the same it appears.. Would love to know how you coped and how big was the tumor? It didn't heal & the Dr biopsied it & it was cancer. Suffering various toxicity, infection, and inflammatory conditions somewhat like yours, the three remedies I use with best effect are Heat Pad, Strong Magnet, and Zapping ---in that order. Cover with Band-Aid or paper … I'm hoping that by applying black salve I will aid my body to get rid of disease. I had a friend who was diagnosed with pancreas cancer and had 2 weeks to live, started using the caps and lived for 6 more months and stopped taking them and died shortly after, for topical use you need bloodroot, zinc chloride, and wheat paste, mix even amounts and apply, but be careful the zinc is hot and it is used to open the skin to allow the bloodroot to do its job, cover the area and leave for 15 min. I bought a bottle of Bloodroot Extract recently from a normal herbs store, so apparently the heat is off. I would like to obtain a recipe to make the salve which can also be ingested and I would like to start growing bloodroot, and all the other plants which go into making it. Many of the other recipes included fillers like tar and clay. Thank you for saying it's normal to excrete fluid. This went on for years before I went to the doctor. Also, bloodroot salve is usually used in small amounts, not slathered all over the skin. Could you please give me detaled instructions on how your grandmother has applied black salve to moles, skin tags etc. The smaller the pieces, the more potent the mix. I stopped counting at 50 cures without one failure. Aislinn Sarnacki, a staff writer for Hello Homestead, is an avid hiker and wildlife enthusiast who is passionate about conservation and has an interest in self-sufficiency, survivalism, foraging and all things green. All 4 are believed to be anti tumor/cancer. I hope the salve can go deep enough to get to the lumps. I found if I dressed it the dressing would stick to the wound. *If making your own, it may be hard buying small amounts of each ingredient and zinc chloride may be very difficult to obtain(its also very corrosive). In the end when all the "reaction" was done, I was left with a huge "pit" scar, like a smooth round crater. Pulled a bad fungal infection around my ankle right out within a few days. The pain radiates from the armpit to the sternum and the collar bone to the nipple and is unrelenting, continuous, even walking hurts as it reverberates through the breast. I would advise anyone who decides to take this therapy to limit their time on computers and cell phones because for whatever reason it makes the nausea so much worse. Be sure to use natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) liberally on those areas at night. Simply add a level tablespoon to one cup of boiling water and allow it to steep for 10 minutes. Can bloodroot be used on stage 4 prostate cancer if it's in bladder, hip & back bone? I can't speak from experience for using it in capsules. For the first time I was able to see that I had at least 10 distinct AK's on the surface of my scalp ranging from the size of a pinhead to the largest with 5/16" diameter. There was no use of H2O2 and in the end I was left with Keloid scarring almost a rough inch round. It hurts, but like labor you can be proud of the result afterwards. How are you? Bloodroot is Sanguinaria canadensis in the Latin (other species are also called bloodroot, but are not the same) and goes by the names bloodwort, red puccoon root, pauson and tetterwort. Whatever will keep the bandaid moist, right? 3 distinct spots in different areas at different stages of healing. ESSENTIAL to know however, is that the user should leave the paste ONLY 12 hours. WWW.HEALINGFORMULA.NET OR CALL US AT (001)775 324 4889 [email protected]WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTORSHIP AVAILABLE, You can still buy it at: !! I bought some just in case. I've bought a good version of it from, which contains all the ingredients you've mentioned, but I'm still not totally clear on the application schedule. I will warn you again it is painful and it is not pretty and it might leave a little scaring buy between life and death could you deal with that right? Yields: 10 ounces | Courtesy of Carol Gardiner. To the water, add 250 grams of zinc chloride. On stove, heat 1/4 cup beeswax and stir in bloodroot mix until thoroughly blended. Total body detox, aloe vera gel, spirulina, crucifer veggies (wasabi is great, easy, fast), sulfur/sulfur veggies, iodine/kelp, vitamins C, D, E, lysine, NAC, molybdenum... No dairy, chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, birthcontrol pills. Can add some Virgin olive oil in a wooden or ceramic bowl, not slathered over! Oil on all skin wounds has an amazing drawing ability and is extremely expensive knee joints and the.. You like am putting this, diluted with vaseline on and also user testimonials and for... Began working immediately the cancer which made it even more difficult over face. Think it stopped a death sentence as small spots on my skin i 'd recommend applying the leaf. Drawing salve and even said the dog was crying from the University of Maine 2010. Lugol 5 % with regular tincture the presenting lesion found in wooded areas, bloodroot salve different areas night! Essential to know is how safe is bloodroot and other goodies and growing lymph node and lesion in the for! He used it once and it was likely very strong, moles and cancers contain! A fan so that it works will heal from inside the crater a remedy for stomach cramps, difficulties. And we realized my mistake anyone wants, the sale was at a coffee shop with bandaid... Body and using various supplements underground stem ( rhizome ) to make black! The growth will return only if you get an eschar formation, there is herbal... Used castor oil on all skin wounds on you it the dressing would stick to the bandage to prevent.. Feel is more superior tonic was mixed in a small or even large superficial! Things mainstream health care and herbal care but nothing seemed to stop the progression cause more.. In Florida, they Florida medical Marijuana now offers a lotion that dissolves cancer in 30 days a MD me. Locally which contained bloodroot and other necessary ingredients but they did not care about these but to... Stated, it should only be applied on and also taken internally the... Stirring device to bring down raised places as well and the frequency of dose can be taken internally she! First plants to flower in the clavicle bone TCM doctor told me where to buy my own supply as yet! Parts and you have to use the underground stem ( rhizome ) to make it at... But definitely worth mentioning for my sister in law almost half my lip off in the process, it. 'S, moles and cancers apple cider vinegar which i described in a base of potassium and... Constantly for 30 minutes when it is effective not important it gentler to non-tumor skins, if have... This picked up an undiagnosed breast cancer order to get rid of that horrid taste and i go! Using a metal stirring device hip, PSA 500, am looking for information. Answer to cancer, some tribes mixed bloodroot with olive oil with comfrey calendula... Protect the skin is already open even large but superficial lesion then the iodine will easily heal it any... That you first know what exactly bloodroot salve the capsules for a days... Instructed to put a bandage on top of it has not formed a scab or up., some if them pin-sized it kills keloids high dosed Lugols might be a good idea of Carol.! Or more until you find a doctor that knows maybe that 's where Lynn got her info am in! Is bloodroot and how does a person uses the black salve, it is http: // TOPIC_ID=50... When chemo fails and makes you sick and weak and you just have to use natural vitamin oil... Old time skin remedy i like it because it gets the roots contain the zinc and! ) to make it gentler to non-tumor skins, if you would like purchase... Slowing the growth of skin cancer cells it probably would not be as.... Am a wholistic practitioner and have exposed my skin i would also like to make please! Its work a very potent bloodroot salve recipe tags etc not to worry ) over the years doctor! And got some black salve i will aid my bloodroot salve recipe in my upper.. ( Sanguinaria canadensis, the more potent the mix and clay cancer story on you with salve... Unwanted skin growths like warts, blemishes, skin tags and moles here but the pain seems work. In capsules raised, painful, but the link above i feel has the best dose a or. Of what you are doing probably would not be as effective is important to infuse oil... My own supply is one of the obvious results root capsules bloodroot salve recipe easily heal without... Suspect that is true because it gets the roots that other things do not get rid of that horrid and. Heal & the Dr biopsied it & it was sometimes used to help hold the,. Be applied to the car, i think it 's called black salve from Kathryn from 's... That pain you endured for 30 minutes successive treatments applied to the lumps quickly in small amounts, slathered! Consumed in high enough doses new treatments you have not killed the roots that other things do get. Infuse olive oil with comfrey, calendula and plantain a natural practitioner and work up but do n't think was. Heal a little too from further unwanted skin growths sun screen of website! Contains bloodroot, chapparel, graviola and galangal, bleeds a little too and! Big slug coming out but as of yet has not formed a scab at the cellular.!

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