Jordan Spieth Had One Of The Greatest Shots I’ve Ever Seen Yesterday

(photo courtesy of SB Nation)

I’ve watched a ton of sports in my 22 years and change on this lovely Earth. I’ve seen many shots across all different kinds of sports, some of them go in but most of them do not. This however. This is amazing. See the thing about this shot is that it’s a golf shot. In basketball, anyone can throw up a shot and have it magically go in. In football, you can throw the ball up and your receiver makes an amazing catch and you look like the hero. In hockey, you shoot the puck and it could hit a defender and bing bang boom it hits the back of the net.

But anyone who has ever played golf knows just how damn frustrating it is. I played a few weekends back and I had more time with a Miller Lite can on my lips than my ball did in the air. The objective of golf is to hit that small white ball into the air and get it as close as possible to the hole. My ball is not much of a flier and likes to take a cab on the ground to wherever it needs to go. Nevertheless, if I do happen to get the ball into the sand there is a 0% chance that that ball is leaving the beach.

So keeping all that in mind, Spieth’s shot was a beauty. Out of the sand and right into the bottom cup for the win. A golf walk off is a million times better than any game winner in any sport (besides a playoff hockey goal in OT) because of two reasons. Reason 1: it’s golf and it’s the hardest sport to play. Reason 2: you don’t ever see walk offs in golf, a particularly boring sport otherwise.

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