Ju Ju and Embiid: Twitter Must Follows

Two Twitter accounts you all should be following are JuJu Smith-Schuster and Joel Embiid.

JuJu is currently a wide receiver for the Pittsburg Steelers and Joel Embiid plays center for the Sixers. These guys are great for Twitter and bring endless entertainment and jokes for every follower.

Let’s start with JuJu, this guy is great on Twitter. He is full of jokes. For example, he went back to USC to finish his education because “his momma said so” and it gained a lot of attention, 437 retweets and 2.2K likes to be exact. He went back in his Steelers uniform which put all of the eyes on him.

This is not the only reason why you should follow JuJu on Twitter. Another reason is that of his active recruitment of Lebron James. Yes, you read that right, Lebron James the number one star of the Cavaliers and the NBA. JuJu wants Lebron on the Steelers, he is 100 percent serious about this. He has been very vocal about this topic and is telling everyone that would listen to him.

JuJu has huge visions with Lebron coming to the Steelers, he sees complete dominance and Super Bowls coming to Pittsburg. He knows Lebron can be the greatest athlete ever if he makes the move to Pittsburg and joins JuJu and Antonio Brown.

JuJu is great and I have never seen this type of recruitment, I find this to be very funny even though he is committed to this. Who else would do this on Twitter?

He even took the time to photoshop Lebron next to him, this is gold. It is always great to see a professional athlete show his humor and have fun off the field and not always be so serious.

The great thing about JuJu is that we can relate to him, he is on the Fortnite hype train just like everyone else. Never change JuJu, never change.

While JuJu is the NFL player with the best Twitter game, Joel Embiid has the crown for the NBA. He brings so much entertainment, jokes, and trash talk to Twitter. Every time Embiid makes a tweet it is always getting a good amount of retweets and likes and time of T.V.

There was one interesting similarity I found between Embiid and JuJu, they both want Lebron on their teams. While JuJu is upfront about it, Embiid is quick to shut down the rumors but we all know what he wants. Take a look

Embiid is quick to give a follow-up tweet to quiet down the rumors but everyone knows what you are thinking Embiid. Embiid’s and Lebron’s smiles and talking on the court during their game had a lot of people speculating. You are not slick Joel. Nonetheless, this brings a lot of entertainment to people and he did a great job doing it.

Embiid was having a blast during the all-star break, he participated in the TacoBell Skills Challenge and did everything possible to win. Even if he had to cheat and everyone caught what he did.

This brought a lot of laughs to people because it is part of his personality and how he acts. This man is full of jokes and it is great. Of course, he had to get his word in on Twitter.

This meme has been very popular as of late and Embiid uses it perfectly to bring humor to his Twitter followers. This tweet ended up getting 38K likes and 7.1K retweets. Pure entertainment and I am so here for it and you should be too.

Just like JuJu, Embiid is a relatable guy, he is just like you and I. He is a huge Real Madrid fan and he lets everyone know he is watching Real Madrid play with various tweets.

As for talking trash, Embiid does not shy away from taking shots at certain players or continuing the beef on Twitter. He has had his problems with Russell Westbrook as of late. They go back and forth on the court every time and tensions run high between them. Then Embiid embarrasses Westbrook and just take a look at the tweet.

Even though the Sixers took the L in this game, Embiid just can’t resist putting up the picture of him savagely dunking on Westbrook and I love it. Makes me want to mark my calendar for the next Sixers and Thunder game. Embiid is dominating the Twitter game.

Overall, Joel Embiid and JuJu Smith-Schuster bring an endless amount of entertainment on Twitter and it is amazing. Not a lot of players express their feelings and opinions on Twitter but they are the best at right now. They are very creative and get people talking which leads to follows. I hope you guys find your way to Twitter and follow the entertainment they provide.

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