Keith Hernandez Is The Key To The Mets Hot Start

The Mets are 10-1 and are off to the hottest start in the MLB.  They are hitting, fielding, and pitching better than I have seen the Mets in a while.  But the real reason behind the hot start for the Mets? Keith Hernandez became active on twitter.

After not tweeting since October 28th, 2015 Keith took to twitter to remember his good friend and teammate Rusty Staub.  If you saw Keith’s press conference on SNY about Rusty Staub you know just how hard Rusty passing away hurt Keith.  So I thought this tweet was just Keith paying tribute to “Le Grande Orange”

Thankfully, the tweeting didn’t stop there.  A couple of days after, Keith was back once again.  This time being more of the brutally honest Keith Hernandez we all know and love during the SNY broadcasts.

Everyone knows there are certain days that Keith HATES being at the ballpark.  Sometimes its because the game is taking to long or the baseball is just not fun to watch (last season).  He certainly never hides his desire to go home during the broadcast so why should twitter be any different?  Especially since he seems to be confused by twitter so far.

“I don’t know what I’m getting myself into but I’m doing it.”  This is peak Keith Hernandez, I can just imagine him saying this same exact thing to his teammates on that wild 86′ team.  That team was known for doing some unbelievable things on and off the field.

The Keith Hernandez Seinfeld episodes are 100% in the top 5 of best episodes.  I love that he wants everyone to know the he’s still making money from it.  And you know Gary, Keith, and Ron probably only eat at the best places so the check has to be for a decent amount.

His new book is even titled after his famous line from the show, “I’m Keith Hernandez”. I feel like this book is a must read.  I haven’t read a book in years but I think this is something that would be fun to read.  There has to be stories in there about the 86′ Mets.  Not being able to watch that team win the World Series always has me wanting to learn more bout them.

But as much as Keith jokes around, he truly knows the game of baseball better than many people give him credit for.  Twitter gives him a new way of spreading his baseball knowledge, and so far he has done it frequently.

I know there’s a lot there but it is definitely worth the read, Keith gives insight as though he is a player.  The thread about Jacob Rhame and Mickey Callaway is something you would never be able to read.  Most analysts don’t give insight like Keith is here, especially in such a long thread on twitter.  The only other person is Pedro Martinez, but Pedro usually talks about many different topics.  I really hope Keith continues doing this throughout the season.

If you haven’t followed Keith on twitter yet, now is the time to do it.  His twitter is only going to get better as the season goes on.  Between all of his spelling errors, his brutally honest tweets, thoughts on the Mets, and pictures of his cat Hadji, every Mets fan needs to follow him.

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