Kyrie Wants Out

Written by Jordan Mitchell and Dominick Ricotta

I never thought I’d see this day.

Kyrie is fed up with being the Robin to King James’ Batman and honestly, I can’t blame him. LeBron is the greatest player on Earth and although he has brought Kyrie to 3 straight finals, Kyrie’s greatness has been overshadowed at times. He’s 25 and ready to lead a team.

I don’t want to hear anyone tell me, “Kyrie can’t win without LeBron just look at the numbers” Ok bud, lets look at the numbers.

The Cavs were horrible without LeBron on the floor for a very simple and specific reason. He’s the best in the world. The rest of the roster, including Kyrie, is a defensive nightmare. Without LeBron on the floor, defenses focus even more on Kyrie to try to limit his scoring ability. But Kyrie is a bona fide offensive wizard, he’s actually better without LeBron on the floor. His flaw is his defense, which is true for about 90% of the NBA.

You can’t criticize Kyrie for not winning games on his own when the rest of the roster is not built to win without a player named LeBron playing 36 minutes a night. Kyrie has the resume, highlights, and desire to be an all-time great that every team should be drooling to trade for.

He’s going to end up on the Suns or Nuggets.

If he goes anywhere else, one of those two teams will most likely be involved as a third party. The only other scenario where none of this happens is if the Celtics cash in big and send Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, and multiple first round picks for Irving and probably Shumpert.

The Cavs best scenario is to trade Kyrie for a ball handler that can score (Eric Bledsoe/Isaiah Thomas), a young player with potential or good role player, and a boatload of picks. The picks will end up being extremely valuable if and when LeBron decides to leave in the coming years. They can leverage these picks to either convince LeBron to stay by flipping them for proven talent or perhaps by drafting the next big superstar.

Here’s a trade scenario I can see happening.

Go ahead and start yelling at me. I like this one because I think Jokic and Irving would be a deadly combo. Aldridge gets out of San Antonio while the Spurs dump some money onto the Cavs. The Cavs should be able to steal one or two first rounders from the Nuggets in addition to Mudiay and Harris. This is the kind of “kings ransom” everyone is saying the Cavs should get for Kyrie.

Dom’s Take:

It’s official: the NBA offseason is more exciting than the regular season. Kyrie Irving is tired of playing with the greatest player on the earth. He has requested a trade from the Cavaliers because of LeBron James. Apparently he doesn’t want to go to the finals every season.

Damian Lillard questioned Kyrie’s decision during an interview.  As a Point Guard that hasn’t been to the finals in his career Lillard doesn’t understand why Kyrie would want to leave that situation.  Even though Lillard did say that he respects Irving’s decision because he isn’t in his shoes and there might be more to Irving’s side of the story.

The thing is Kyrie wasn’t second fiddle to LeBron on the court. Irving has a slightly higher usage rate than LeBron and took around 2 more shots per game. LeBron doesn’t care about taking all the shots because he wanted to be a team player. If Kyrie is complaining about being overshadowed he should just imagine how Kevin Love feels.

If Kyrie were to be traded which it appears he will, where will he go?

This trade can kill four birds with one stone. Carmelo Anthony, Kyrie Irving, Eric Bledsoe and LaMarcus Aldridge have all expressed that they want to be traded. Carmelo wants to join one of his banana boat friends (LeBron, Dwayne Wade, or Chris Paul). Aldridge has expressed unhappiness with the Spurs during the offseason. Eric Bledsoe recently said he loves Phoenix but wants a chance at a ring.

In addition to the players the Suns 2019 1st round pick will go to the Spurs.  The Knicks will send their 2020 1st round pick to the Cavs and a future 2nd round pick.

The Knicks will get the ball handler that they have needed for a long time.  Irving and Porzingis will finally give Knicks fans something to look forward to.  They could be potentially unstopabble in the pick and roll.

Carmelo will get his wish of being with one of his close friends.  The Cavaliers do lose Irving’s amazing ball handling but gain another post player.  LeBron, Kevin Love, and Carmelo can dominate down-low.  Derrick Rose will be a huge wildcard for this team.

The Suns will be able to pair LaMarcus Aldridge with Devon Booker and Josh Jackson.  While adding Richard Jefferson who will be a great veteran presence on a very young roster.

Eric Bledsoe will get his wish of going to a winning team and his athleticism at Point Guard will be a nice addition for the Spurs.  Meanwhile Tyson Chandler will add the defense that Pau Gasol lacks.



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