LeBron James Dominated Deadline Day

GM LeBron James is BACK:


Today’s NBA deadline day has proved once again that LeBron James controls the Cleveland Cavaliers roster moves.  The Cavs roster is going to look completely different during their next game against Atlanta.

The Cavs roster has upgraded tremendously.  Thanks to LeBron the team went from old and slow to young and athletic very quickly.  According to Woj’s tweets it took 56 minutes for the Cavs to make three trades.:

12:10 pm: Cavs trade Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, and a 1st round pick to the Lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr.

12:59 pm: Three team trade involving the Cavs, Jazz, and Kings.

1:06pm: Cavs trade Dwayne Wade to Miami for heavily protected 2nd round pick

Lebron has been frustrated with this Cavs team all season.  The defense has the second lowest defensive rating in the NBA.  The four Cavs players that got traded are all liabilities on the defensive end.  Thomas is too short, Wade and Frye are too old, and Shumpert is just a bum and can’t do anything.

Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson, and Larry Nance are all 6’5″ tall or taller.  This gives the Cavs the ability to cause matchup problems on offense and defense.  Their potential new starting lineup looks way scarier than it did yesterday.:

George Hill

Rodney Hood

Jordan Clarkson

LeBron James

Tristan Thompson/Larry Nance Jr.

LeBron was able to make the Cavs significantly better and still keep his best friend Dwayne Wade happy.  Wade clearly didn’t work with the Cavs and he wanted to go back to Miami.  He told GM LeBron and the next thing you know he is being traded back to the Heat for basically nothing.

Rebuilding the team mid-season could be risky if they can’t learn to play together soon.  But LeBron will make it work because that is what he does.

They call him King James for a reason.

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