LeBron Signs With The Lakers, Warriors In 4

Well it happened. Lebron is officially a Laker. All of the Kobe fans who spent years upon years fighting tooth and nail, wasting their breath defending Kobe is better than Lebron now get to see the greatest Laker of all time take the floor.

All jokes aside, there has to be other deals in place that Magic told Lebron were happening if he signed. The Cavs team right now has a better chance to take down the Warriors than this Lakers team does. The Lakers had to have gotten some sort of handshake agreement from Boogie and have the framework for a Kawhi trade in place in order for Lebron to commit for 4 years.

Lebron is smart enough to realize that the “oh we’ll just get him next year” philosophy is a dumb because it literally just blew up in the Lakers face with Paul George. LA could have traded for him but opted not to because they “knew he was coming to LA in free agency”. How did that work out?

Looking at this from a bigger picture perspective, the Celtics instantly become favorites in the East. The entire country of Canada is having a party because Lebron is finally out of the East.

In the West, I don’t think this changes much. The Lakers aren’t going to take this substantial leap with the roster that they have as of the writing of this blog. They’re arguably worse team than the Cavs in a tougher conference. Now if they get Boogie and Kawhi like I expect them to, then we’re having a very different conversation.

Warriors are still the top dogs with Houston not far behind. The dominos are now falling, and all before July 4th. Buckle up, these next few days are going to get weird.

Photo credit: SB Nation

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