Let the Madness Begin! CONCACAF Qualifying Week 10 Preview

We made it to the last week of the Hexagonal. Here’s a quick overview of the current situation:


  1. Mexico and Costa Rica have qualified automatically.
  2. Trinidad and Tobago has been eliminated.


Current Standings from Week 9:

Standings courtesy of mlssoccer.com


Race for 3rd and 4th Places

3. USA

4. Panama

5. Honduras


The Schedule for the Intercontinental Playoff with Asia:

November 6-14: CONCACAF 4th Place vs Australia/Syria

November 6-14: Australia/Syria vs CONCACAF 4th Place

First game in the AFC Playoff: Syria 1-1 Australia

Second Game: Australia vs Syria, October 10th at 5 am EST


The schedule for Week 10 looks like this:



The qualification scenarios for Week 10 are as follows:

AQ = Automatic Qualification

IP = Intercontinental Playoff



  1. Win + USA loss = AQ
  2. Honduras loss = IP
  3. Loss + Honduras win/draw = Elimination



  1. Win/Draw = AQ
  2. Loss + Panama and Honduras DON’T win = AQ
  3. Loss + Panama or Honduras win = IP
  4. Loss + Panama and Honduras win = Elimination



  1. Win + USA and Panama loss = AQ
  2. Win + USA loss + Panama win = IP
  3. Draw + Panama loss = IP
  4. Loss = Elimination


My picks this week:

Trinidad & Tobago 1-1 USA
Honduras 0-2 Mexico
Panama 0-0 Costa Rica

USA clinches the last automatic berth to the World Cup. Panama goes to the Intercontinental Playoff.

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