Lunatic Jumps 8 Stories And Almost Kills Himself

I am all for getting that adrenaline rush. Who doesn’t love a nice little rush to get them going? This guy however, this guy is an absolute lunatic. I can’t stand the people who do this kind of stuff. Maybe it’s some type of sickness that I don’t know about that they need to do this kind of stuff to survive. I don’t really know what to make of it.

First off, walking up eight flights of stairs just to jump off of a building is crazy. I refuse to even get a hotel room higher than fifth floor because if the elevator breaks I don’t want to walk that far up to get to my safe haven.

Second, just getting up there and jumping without even assessing the situation is an ultimate bro move. I went cliff jumping once off of a 40 foot cliff into a giant lake and I was up there for at least 15 minutes trying to assess how I’m going to jump from this cliff into an enormous body of water with absolutely no way possible of hitting anything besides the water.

Lastly, he deserved to hit that dock. Mr. Macho Man over walking up eight flights of stairs and jumping off like he’s some hot shot just for adrenaline. If he would have taken three or four minutes to think “hey, maybe that dock is a little too far out and I might hit it” then I would’ve been okay with him doing it. But no, this is why you plan ahead. This video is at 4 million plus views. As much as I hate watching people get hurt, watching idiots get hurt is like a drug. I’ll watch it over and over again until my eyes bleed.

Only watched this one time and that’s all you need to too. He doesn’t get hurt and I don’t get any satisfaction in watching this.

P.S.: I was going to say “jump off of a hotel balcony into one of those small pools and tell me how that goes.” Turns out, HE’S ALREADY DONE THAT TOO. This guy needs to take requests on what to jump off of and into. There’s your business model 8booth. Have your people contact mine.






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