Here at The Red Beat, we aim to give a different perspective on the world of sports and pop culture.

As a contributor, we want the perspective that makes you unique. Whether that be about the hot topics or  a topic that means something to you that you want the world to have perspective on. There are no limits when it comes to sports and pop culture. On this platform, we want to give contributors the outlet to express their thoughts and beliefs on sports and pop culture.

We aim to push the boundaries when it comes to producing content for students in the digital realm. Whether it be visual, audio or written there are creative ways to get across the point you are trying to make. Don’t be afraid to push your creative boundaries when it comes to producing content. The moment you become afraid is the moment your content suffers.

Push yourself, put your personality and uniqueness on display, refine your skills as a producer of digital content, and have fun.

Greg Armstrong