Marshall Staying in MetLife

For those of you that thought you would not see Brandon Marshall playing as a member of the home team in MetLife Stadium this upcoming season, think again.

Marshall signed with the New York Football Giants earlier this morning on a two year deal worth 12 million dollars. Some may be surprised by the decision of Marshall to stay in New York, but they shouldn’t be. The guy has never made the playoffs in his 11 year career, six of those season he was a pro bowl player, and in eight he had at least 1,000 receiving yards. I can’t blame him, his best quarterback was RYAN FITZPATRICK! A journeyman.

He is now going to a team with one of the best quarterbacks in the past decade, Eli Manning, not to mention they are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Marshall won’t even need to be the focal point in the offense, as we know the Giants have this kid, OBJ, who is one of the best, if not the best wide receivers in football today.

The reason this decision by Marshall doesn’t surprise me is not just because he is aging, and wants a ring. He loves New York, and if the Jets weren’t an embarrassment he probably wouldn’t have requested a release. Marshall also has a weekly show that he does on HBO called ‘Inside the NFL’ he has been a part of the show since joining the Jets in 2014 and it is recorded in New York City. Since Marshall is looking to get into broadcasting when his career is over, he most likely would not want to give up his HBO job.

As I was saying earlier he wants to make the playoffs, and the Giants are a good bet to make that happen. As a Jet fan, I obviously am not happy to know that the guy who was really the face of the franchise while he was wearing green will be changing sides, but I get it. He is a perfect fit for the Giants, as he is still an above average player, and is a perfect example for Odell Beckham jr.

Marshall when he was young had his fair share of issues, and was known as a problem in the locker room, but is now one of the most respected players in the league. Odell could use Marshall as a guy to look up to and get to where he is now a lot quicker.

As a Jet fan I hope Brandon Marshall and the Giants have a terrible season, and miss the playoffs. As a football fan, and a fan of Marshall I hope he achieves his dream of playoff football.

He brings intensity and leadership to the football field, and I saw that in person. In week two of this past season he was tackled aggressively by a Bills defender and appeared to have seriously injured his knee. Instead of taking the game off he went out on the field a few plays later and took over ending the game with six receptions, and 101 yards beating the man who almost hurt him multiple times.

The Giants have a great player, and an even greater person coming their way. Watch out football, the Giants are coming.

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