Maybe the Best “Witching Hour” of all time took place in Week 3

Shout out to Big Cat and PFT Commenter of Pardon My Take presented by Barstool Sports for giving the most exciting time of every Sunday the perfect nickname, “The Witching Hour” (Respect the Biz). The PMT boys had NFL Red Zone host, Scott Hanson on their podcast and told him to use The Witching Hour phrase, and he did exactly that. For those who don’t know, The Witching Hour is the hour between 3 and 4 o’clock on Sunday afternoon where all the 1 o’clock games get to the home stretch in the fourth quarter. Week 3’s witching hour was so much fun to watch. I felt high after watching it.

Three huge games involving premier teams came down to the wire on Sunday; Patriots vs Texans, Falcons vs. Lions, and Giants vs Eagles. It was exactly what football should be, drama, star power, excitement, and most importantly NO POLITICS, just football. Let’s break down these three crazy games.

The Patriots came into the game favored by more than a touchdown, and why wouldn’t they be? A rookie quarterback has never beat the most iconic duo in NFL history; Brady and Belichick. But Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans came to play on Sunday. Holding their own with the Patriots on both sides of the ball. Watson has more than shown his worth and proved without a doubt he should be starting for the Texans. The Texans’ defense, led by JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney gave Tom Brady and the Patriots major headaches throughout the whole game. The Texans tried to make the world believe that they were going to make history against the Patriots as they had a 33-28 lead over the Pats with 2 minutes left. However, if you have watched football for the past decade plus you know that is too much time to give the GOAT. Brady went on to escape pressure and throw a 25-yard strike to Brandin Cooks for a Touchdown with 23 seconds left, ripping Texan fan’s hearts out.

Next game, the defending NFC champions; The Atlanta Falcons facing a formattable NFC foe in the Detroit Lions. Man, being a Lions fan must be one of the most frustrating fanbases to be a part of in all of sports. So many tough breaks for this team, Matthew Stafford constantly getting hurt early in his career, the refs picking up the flag in the Dallas Game, their best receiver suddenly retiring right as their star QB was hitting his stride. This game was no different for Lions fans; heartbreaking. The Falcons had control of the game for the most part, but then once the fourth quarter comes around, Matthew Stafford evolves into a new quarterback. Stafford and the Lions defense helped bring the Lions back into striking distance. With :08 seconds left in the game Matthew Stafford hits Golden Tate on a slant route for a Touchdown, Lions win!!!!! Right??? Wrong. After review, Tate was down before the ball got in the endzone. Because of the review, the clock must runoff 10 seconds, unfortunately for the Lions there was only 8 seconds left. Yikes, the Falcons escape a close one.

Lastly, it was the New York Giants vs the Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants have easily been the biggest disappointment in the whole NFL this year. THEY STINK. Their offensive line is mind-blowingly bad, Eli Manning has roughly .02 seconds to throw the ball. The first half was very ugly for the Giants. New York was shut out for the first 3 quarters, but lucky for them their defense was able to hold the Eagles to only 14 points through 3 quarters. Then in the 4th quarter, the Giants remembered how to play football and put up 24 points in one quarter. It seemed that the game was going into overtime tied at 24. But then the Eagle’s kicker, Jake Elliot hit a 61-yard field goal for the win, as the Giants continue to be a major disappointment. 

Let’s all hope the NFL keeps up these great games for the remainder of the season, as it makes for the best watching experience for a football fan.

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