Mets Fan FREAKS Over Not Being Able To Make It To Opening Day

Did we just become best friends? Because I just found my new best friend. I’ve seen fans freak out over lost games. I’ve seen fans freak out over trades and free agents leaving. But I’ve never seen a fan absolutely lose his mind over not being able to make it to a game.

This guy has been waiting anxiously for this day to come as soon as that last out against the Giants in the Wild Card last year was recorded. He probably watched that game over and over again, creating more excitement for what the season ahead can bring.

I love it. I’ve watched this video 100 times and it gets better every single time I hit the replay button. Some may call this guy crazy. I would say to those people that they’ve never had a favorite sports team open the season at home. I’ve had nightmares over this kind of stuff. Go to sleep the Saturday night before the Jets season opener and wake up on Monday, missing the entire game. I wake up in a cold sweat at 5 am hoping it was just a nightmare.

I never thought my spirit animal would be a human but this guy is it. Godspeed my friend, I hope you make every single game for the rest of your life.

P.S.- The Mets actually won today and scored 6 runs. Those two things don’t happen very often so if I were this guy I’d be even more pissed.

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