Mets on Campus – Episode 9 w/Justin Fried and Josh Finkelstein

This episode of the “Mets on Campus” podcast features an exciting pre-Trade Deadline spectacular as we break down the upcoming July 31st non-waiver period cutoff date. As in true “Mets on Campus” fashion, we are sure to get some things wrong and this will be made VERY evident to some when listening watching the show. Featuring a discussion of all things Mets heading into the deadline as well as the return of Tebow Time and the debut of a brand new segment, Second Guessing.

*Disclaimer: This episode was recorded on July 27th. Thus, the Lucas Duda and A.J. Ramos trades will be discussed as if they never happened because at the time they had not. We apologize for what may seem like ignorance, but is in reality stupidity. Thank you.*

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