Modern Warfare Season Roundup

Call of Duty League Playoffs and Championship Weekend dates announced | Charlie INTELThe time has finally come, a time when we no longer have to watch Modern Warfare and we can start to get excited for Cold War. I think its safe to say very few people found this year truly enjoyable and the pros are no different. This game provided very little support or stability to the competitive side and wasn’t much better for the average player.

However, that is a different article for a different site. With the season-ending, it is time to wrap up and review Champs weekend.

Round 1

The first round was pretty steady-going and saw very few upsets if any. NY continued their late push for silverware and dominated Minnesota, 3-1, to move on to face Chicago in round 2. MackMelts came out hot and showed why he was able to almost single handily change the fortunes of this NY team.

The second game of round 1 saw London lose to Toronto 3-1. Toronto, who were looking to continue their success of the back of winning their recent home series, came out swinging and showed what was to come for them.

The third match of round 1, and the first of the losers bracket, was the coming-out party for this Optic team, as they beat LA Guerrillas 3-2. This was a slugfest of a LA derby that saw LA Optic begin their dream run to finals hopefuls. This also means that LAG saw their tournament end very early with a first-round knockout, finishing in 11th place and only cashing out with $10,000. A year to forget.

The second game of losers bracket round 1 saw two of the worst teams of the year face off against each other. This game saw Paris beat Seattle in a convincing 3-0 fashion. This meant that Seattle, and Sam “Octane” Larew, crashed out of the tourney almost immediately in 12th place and $10,000 in their pockets (sort of). It was a tough year for Octane and this tweet sums it up perfectly.

Round 2

Round 2 saw the introduction of one of the big teams, Chicago, into the meat grinder. They came out of the gates with a tough match against NY, a team they have a history of not performing well against. That wasn’t the case on the day, however, as Chicago took the game 3-2 off the back of some very impressive display in Search and Destroy.

The second game saw one of the biggest upsets of the entire tournament with Floridas loss to Toronto 3-1. Florida’s form took a hit after the meta change a couple of months ago. They went from one of the hottest teams in the league to maybe one of the worst almost overnight. Toronto on the other hand seems to have hit another gear and performed well against Florida.

The first game of the losers bracket saw Optic continue their run and destroyed a struggling Minnesota team. This was a big game for Optic because it showed that they weren’t fluke winners. With the 3-0 win, the moved onto round 3 but sent Minnesota packing in 9th place with a haul of $170,000 to soothe their troubles.

The last game of round 2 and the losers bracket saw a fairly straight forward game between London and Paris. London won 3-1 and signaled the big things for them to come. Paris finished in 10th place with a prize pool of $140,000.

Round 3

Round 3 kicked off with a match of the superpowers between Atlanta and Chicago. A match that has garnered much fanfare as the two have faced each other only a few times before and traded wins back and forth. Unfortunately for Chicago this bout would go to Faze in a 3-1 fashion. This series was marked by a poor showing by Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson.

The next game was the introduction of the future champs, Dallas, into the tournament. Carrying on their tremendous form they beat Toronto in a thrilling series. Dallas would use this momentum to propel themselves into the next round.

The first elimination game was between La Optic and Florida. Another shock, as Florida was dominated by a surprising Optic team that came strong out of the gates to win 3-0. Thomas ” TjHaly” Haly had a strong showing followed by his former amateur partner Zach “Drazah” Jordan. Florida was sent packing in a disappointing showing after a tremendous rally midseason. Florida finishes their season in 6th place with earnings of $365,000.

The last elimination game of round 3 saw a match between London and New York in what was an even and thrilling game. Both teams came out and played like their lives depended on it, which it did. In the end, London came out the victor with a 3-2 win over New York. New York goes home in 8th place after a good season turn-around with $255,000.

Round 4 & 5

The last rounds before championship weekend kicked off with the best game of the entire weekend between Chicago and LA Optic. This was a nail biter that saw a strong Optic team take a lethargic Chicago team to the brink. Then The round 11 happened, a round 11 that will be remembered forever. This game was intense and showed why esports can grab you like any other sport. In the end, Chicago took the game 3-2 and moved onto round 5. Optic goes home in 7th pace in the league with earnings of $360,000 fr the season.

The last game of round 4 and saw London take on Toronto. This game was a rather standard game that was at times dominated by London. Toronto will be upset after crumbling when they had so much momentum in their corner. Toronto goes home in 5th place with seasons winnings of $370,000.

The first game of round 5 saw Chicago take on London. This game was textbook from Chicago. they showed why they are a top-three team and steamrolled through London to make it to Champs weekend. London goes home in 4th place after a  strong season and earnings of $500,000.

Champs Weekend 

The first game of Champs saw Dallas takes on Atlanta in a knockout slug match that finished 3-2 Dallas. Atlanta moved down to the Losers bracket. The reigning MVP, Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro, showed why he earned that honor this year with a dominating performance.

Atlanta moved down to play Chicago in what would come to be Chicago’s last action of the season with a disappointing 3-1 loss. Chicago continuously shot themselves in the foot and at this level, the smallest trip up will result in a swift loss. Chicago finished in the 3rd place with a prize pool of $760,000.

Then there were two, the final game of the MW season. I don’t know if it’s even fair to call this a game as Dallas came out and completely dismantled Atlanta in the best of 9. Winning 5-1, Dallas embarrassed Atlanta on the main stage. Atlanta finishes in 2nd place with a prize pool of $1.14 million.

Congrats to Dallas on a killer season after many, including myself, wrote them off. Shotzzy became the player of the year after his transition from Halo and becomes the first fps player to win back to back championships in 2 different games. Also congrats to Ian “Crimsix” Porter on cementing his place as one of, if not the, best COD player of all time. Dallas finishes in 1st place with a whopping prize pool of $1.72 million and some beautiful rings to show their success.

This season has been a tough one for all involved. Minimal dev support and when changes were made they were usually wrong, Players ability falling off cliffs in the high octane movement of MW, and the overall toxic energy that surrounded the league this year. Many will be hoping that the next title will see a shift. Treyarch has a history of producing quality games that feel somewhat balanced and showing at least some interest in cultivating a relationship between Devs and Pros. Only time will tell, however, but to say I wasn’t excited to see what’s to come would be a lie.

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