My Picks for Week 3 and Week 4 of the CONCACAF WCQ

There are many pundits who will speculate about results of soccer games beforehand. It’s time I became one of them.

Here are my picks for these two weeks (I may seem biased towards Costa Rica but I try to be objective in my reasoning).


Mexico vs Costa Rica, Estadio Azteca

This is the hardest to pick between the three games on March 24th. Both teams are on a row; Costa Rica is riding on a 8 game winning streak in World Cup Qualifiers. They have beaten Panama (twice), Haiti (twice), Jamaica (twice), Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States. Likewise, Mexico is on a 8-game wining streak of having at least 1 point. In terms of a home-field advantage, it is definitely on Mexico’s side due to them winning or having a tie in every game except for two loses.

My prediction: Mexico 1-Costa Rica 1

Trinidad and Tobago vs Panama, Hasely Crawford Stadium

This is an easier game to predict. Panama has a better soccer national team than Trinidad and Tobago. I have to give it to Panama.

My prediction: Trinidad and Tobago 0-Panama 2

US vs Honduras, Avaya Stadium

If the US plays the game to win, this is a close game. However since Honduras right now is a better team and also beat Costa Rica and Panama in getting the Central American Cup and at the same clinched a spot in Copa America, I simply do not see the US winning this game. Sorry Bruce Arenas, but I think that Honduras will pull the upset. Usually, teams that switch coaches in the middle suffer a loss in the first game.

My prediction: US 1-Honduras 2

Projected Standings

  1. Costa Rica 7 pts, +6 GD
  2. Panama 7 pts, +3 GD
  3. Honduras 6 pts, +2 GD
  4. Mexico 5 pts, +1 GD
  5. United States 0 pts, -6 GD*
  6. Trinidad and Tobago 0 pts, -6 GD

*US beats the amount of goals scored in tie breaker, (Both have the same amount in goal differential)


Honduras vs Costa Rica, Estadio Francisco Morazán

Costa Rica doesn’t make it easy to forecast games these two weeks. However in a duel of former coach vs team, this makes it an interesting match to see. The reason why the Costa Rican games are hard to pick is first, they are on the road at bad locations, the second is that the first time that they played the entire squad wasn’t present and the third and final reason why this is hard to predict is that the former coach of Costa Rica is the coach of Honduras. The other thing about this match is that they are not playing in Honduras’s normal stadium since it is under suspension over what happened against Guatemala, but in the same city.

My prediction: Honduras 1- Costa Rica 2

Trinidad and Tobago vs Mexico, Hasely Crawford Stadium

Nothing to say here, Mexico has the best team among the two of them, expect a massive blowout.

My prediction: Trinidad and Tobago 0-Mexico 4

Panama vs US, Estadio Rommel Fernandez

Panama has the advantage in terms of home-field because of the humidity of Panama City and also in terms of having a better team overall since of the uncertainty of the US Squad. The US is going to get their first points of the Round in this game.

My prediction: Panama 1- US 1

Projected Standings

  1. Costa Rica 10 pts, +7 GD
  2. Mexico 10 pts, +5 GD
  3. Panama 8 pts, +3 GD
  4. Honduras 7 pts, +1 GD
  5. United States 1 pt, -6 GD
  6. Trinidad and Tobago 0 pts, -10 GD

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