My Public Relations Advice to Antonio Brown

JuJu Smith-Schuster (left) and Antonio Brown (right) (via Sports Illustrated)

Brown / Smith-Schuster Beef

It’s safe to say that Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster were friends, but are now turned foes. During this offseason, Antonio Brown was traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Oakland Raiders. Amid Brown’s departure from Pittsburgh, he had several harsh things to say about his former quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, including saying Big Ben “feels like he’s the owner”. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when the beef between Brown and Smith-Schuster began, it seems to have come after Brown’s comments about his former QB.

After Brown had come out with these comments, Smith-Schuster tweeted out his support for Big Ben. The tweet displayed Smith-Schuster’s gratefulness for having Roethlisberger as his quarterback for his entire career thus far.

(via JuJu Smith-Schuster’s Twitter)

Brown took to Twitter as well in a tweet which seemed directed straight at Smith-Schuster’s supportive tweet of Big Ben. The tweet told fans to not believe any players who haven’t signed a big contract yet, as they’re simply speaking politically correct to help them in the future when they seek out a new contract.

(via Antonio Brown’s Twitter)

Just several days later, Smith-Schuster told TMZ Sports that Brown is ‘his guy’ and that there is no beef between the two of them.

Several days after Smith-Schuster’s TMZ comments, Brown replied to a Steelers’ fan who stated Smith-Schuster was the team’s MVP by calling out Smith-Schuster for fumbling in their loss to the New Orleans Saints late in the season.

(via Antonio Brown’s Twitter)

Smith-Schuster responded by tweeting out “Keep your emotions off the internet,” seemingly directed at Brown. Less than 30 minutes following his tweet, Smith-Schuster also tweeted about how all he’s ever done was show Brown love and respect while they were teammates. He also went on to say that Brown’s ego got too big for his own good recently.

(via JuJu Smith-Schuster’s Twitter)


(via JuJu Smith-Schuster’s Twitter)






The Twitter war seemingly ended when Smith-Schuster tweeted out a quote from Mark Twain which read: “Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference”.

(via JuJu Smith-Schuster’s Twitter)

PR Advice to Brown

As a result of the Twitter war, Brown has received quite a large backlash from fans of all NFL teams. This is largely in part of Smith-Schuster’s large and loyal fanbase, as well as Brown’s seemingly unwarranted attack on Smith-Schuster. After all, all Smith-Schuster did was support the quarterback who will be throwing him the football every Sunday for years to come.

It seems there was almost zero guidance from Brown’s PR manager over the last several weeks. Despite Brown having put himself in a bad view of the public eye as of late, there is still time to salvage fans who may have turned their back on him.

1.) Apologize

    • Brown can do himself a lot of favors by simply being the bigger man in this situation. He could come out on social media or (preferably) in an interview stating that he let his emotions get the best of him and that he was sorry for his words.

2.) Delete the Tweets

    • In order to move past this Twitter beef, it would help if Brown deleted the Tweets from his official Twitter page. This way, fans won’t be able to easily see Brown’s harsh words against his former teammate (specifically the tweet about how Smith-Schuster fumbled in their pivotal loss to the Saints).

3.) Take a Brief Break from Social Media

    • Time is a masterful healer. It couldn’t hurt for Brown to stay off social media for a couple days or weeks. This would help calm fans down from the situation.

4.) Pick Up Where He Left Off

    • Antonio Brown is still a huge star in the NFL. He became one of the premier players in the league not only by his work on the field, but also his presence off the field and on social media. After his brief hiatus, Brown should continue to post how he did before the beef to help show fans why they love him.

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