My thoughts on Gustavo Matosas’s sudden resignation

Before I go into my commentary on the matter, I would want to give you the facts of this tenure.


In October 3rd of 2018, he was appointed manager of the Costa Rican National Team after Oscar “El Macho” Ramirez was fired after a disastrous 2018 World Cup performance. He did not coach until February 2nd when Costa Rica played the US Men’s National Team with the game ending in a loss. In his last week of being the Costa Rican coach, he was reported to visit Mexico. In the 25th of August it was reported that he went to Mexico for two days and the following day on the 28th he called up the players for the friendly against Uruguay on the 6th of September. On the 30th of August went to Mexico again just to return on the 31st. On September 2nd and 3rd he held practices with the National team at their practice facility. Then on September 4th, the straw that broke the camel’s back happened, Atlético San Luis, offered him the job of being their manager. After that news became public, there was an impromptu news conference saying that Gustavo Matosas had enough and is leaving the National Team. This news angered the Costa Rican fans, who had memories of Ricardo La Volpe and Fransisco Maturana who did the same thing earlier. During his spell as the national team coach he went 3-1-4, which comes down to a 42% performance. His wins were against Jamaica, Nicaragua and an almost draw against Bermuda, whereas his loses were to Haiti, Peru, United States, and Guatemala. His only draw was against Mexico in the Gold Cup Quarterfinal which ended with a loss in penalty kicks.

My Opinion

On the day that he got the job, my father heard of the way that he coached Club America, Atlas, and several teams in South America. In a sense, he did not say that he did a good job. In terms of how I watched Los Ticos, I saw the team regress. What I saw where the same faces but older, there were no changing of the guard in the team whatsoever. Moreover, in the Gold Cup a vast majority of the team were players who were not playing. At this tournament one loss was startling, the loss against Haiti. Before this loss, Costa Rica had a streak of 19 years since they last lost to a Caribbean team in any game. During this period of time, there were very bad, some mediocre and some very good teams but non lost a game against the Caribbean members of the region. They never lost against the likes of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti until this year. During that game Costa Rica scored via an own goal at the ninth minute and led for most of the game until the 52nd minute when Haiti equalized via a penalty kick, then there were substitutions made which were baffling because they did nothing to make it better. Then the proverbial ice bucket hit, when the 81st minute hit, the second goal for Haiti. Then in just 45 minutes, 19 years worth of success vanished.

Thankfully, he’s gone. All he did is what in Spanish its called “Vender Humo” which literally means to “sell smoke”. However the true meaning of that phrase is to say and promise great things but in the end he did absolutely nothing. Even in his resignation he insulted the nation by saying that he was “board” but in reality he thought by saying that he’ll be saving face. Believe it or not in the impromptu press conference he made it worse. I have never heard any coach at any level or for that matter any player ever say that “I feel that I am on vacation”. In essence Matosas is saying that he felt disdain and disgust to even watch a Costa Rican game. Imagine, if any coach at any level said this.

I have to give credit where credit is due to Gregg Berhalter. Berhalter is the current head coach of the US Men’s National Team coach said that coaching a national team is to have some kind of pride because not all coaches can do that. You can see the video below.

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