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It’s the most electric 30 minutes in sports!

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20179:17 pm

DraftExpress has DeAaron Fox going #5 to SAC. I would love that pick for SAC. Pairing is great with Hield, as Hield can guard the weaker of the two starting guards.

Jordan Mitchell May 16, 20179:17 pm

But I’ll gladly liveblog the Yankee game

Jordan Mitchell May 16, 20179:17 pm

If only Kawhi could be out there, maybe I’d watch. It’s not even a contest without him against a team like Golden State.

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20179:14 pm

I do not recommend a Game 2 live blog based on the current projection

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20179:12 pm

This might just turn into Game 2 live blog. I’m here for it

Jordan Mitchell May 16, 20179:11 pm

Los Angeles deserves Lavar Ball

Jordan Mitchell May 16, 20179:10 pm

I miss the good ole days of being a Cavs fan when they sucked, getting back to back number 1 picks. Good times. Always nice to reminisce.

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20179:09 pm

Power Ranking of NBA Simmons –

1. Ben

2. Jonathan

56. Bill

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20179:09 pm

Can’t wait for BBB to be the first sponsor on the Lakers jerseys

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20179:06 pm

Raptors history of first round picks: not very good

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20179:05 pm

Josh Jackson is too old for theprocess

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20179:05 pm

Knicks’ history of #8 picks – 2005 Channing Frye, 2009 Jordan Hill. Channing Frye hasn’t missed a playoff three pointer in 4 years (unofficially).

Jordan Mitchell May 16, 20178:59 pm

I’d think Hinkie would take Tatum too.

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:59 pm


Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:59 pm

I lean Tatum as well. And the Celtics have French Draymond

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:58 pm

Celtics have the Nets pick for next year too

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:57 pm

So Fultz, Ball then Tatum or Jackson? I lean towards Tatum

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:56 pm

Remember that in 2013, the Celtics traded Doc to the Clippers because Doc didn’t want to rebuild. Now the Celtics have the #1 in 2017 and made the ECF.

Jordan Mitchell May 16, 20178:56 pm

Celtics with 1st overall, 1 seed in the East, Danny Ainge for MVP

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:56 pm

TRUST. THE. PROCESS. (Danny Ainge somewhere)

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:55 pm

Fultz is the safe choice

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:55 pm

If Celtics get 1, I think it’s Fultz without question. If they fall to 2, they will look hard at Jackson

Jordan Mitchell May 16, 20178:54 pm

I feel like Lonzo is too risky with all the hype and future scrutiny

Jordan Mitchell May 16, 20178:53 pm

If Celtics get 1, who should they take?

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:52 pm

So Sacramento has #5 and #10. Big winners tonight. Boogie trade looking good for now.

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:52 pm

I hope the Lakers get 1. And pass on Fultz

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:52 pm

Damn. Wish it was the Lakers

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:51 pm

Embiid has 0 clue what’s happening

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:51 pm

Embiid for ROY idc

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:51 pm

Embiid wins the night

Jordan Mitchell May 16, 20178:51 pm


Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:50 pm


Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:50 pm


Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:50 pm

Kyle Lowry gonna fit in nice with whoever the Nuggets draft

Jordan Mitchell May 16, 20178:49 pm

Tonight determines the value of the Boogie trade for the Kings

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:49 pm

Alonzo mad like he doesn’t understand math

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:49 pm

Pelicans jumping to 3rd would be intriguing for Josh Jackson on that team

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:48 pm

Knicks should’ve sent Michael Rapoport

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:48 pm

His wrist almost touched his shoulder on that j

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:48 pm

You can’t convince that that was not Thad Young shooting in that WCF promo

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:48 pm

Thad Young in a Western Conference Finals promo? *whispers* turndownforfirstroundplayofflosses

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:45 pm

Even if the Bucks don’t have a pick in the lottery

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:45 pm

Need the Bucks GM’s daughter back

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:45 pm

Knick’s last lottery picks before Porzingis – Jordan Hill, Danilo Gallinari, Channing Frye, Michael Sweetney, and Nene. Not good.

Jordan Mitchell May 16, 20178:44 pm

How about that for an entrance

Jordan Mitchell May 16, 20178:44 pm

Magic is pretty good at defying odds with HIV and all so, he’s gotta be liking his chances tonight… right?

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:43 pm

Cassidy Hubbarth is a significant upgrade over Heather Cox

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:43 pm

Who feels better? Magic or Embiid right now. Not talking about the picks.

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:42 pm

Embiid’s drink is red. Vodka with what mixer?

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:42 pm

I love Joel Embiid more than most family members

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:41 pm

Walt going with the quadruple Windsor knot on his tie

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:41 pm

Clyde has no clue where he is

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:40 pm

Detroit should have sent Sheed

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:40 pm

Hope the Knicks do better than drafting Jordan Hill one pick behind Steph

Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:39 pm

Hope the Knicks get the 8th pick

Greg Jarvis May 16, 20178:39 pm


Greg Armstrong May 16, 20178:31 pm


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