NBA Fight!

(photo courtesy of nbcprobasketballtalk)

A fight to see who’s the superior Kelly. Some Kelly on Kelly action. Kelly Olynyk screened Kelly Oubre Jr. who flopped but then decided to defend the Kelly name and go full street fighter for retaliation. I personally enjoy the power walk to Olynyk. It says “I want to beat the hell out of you but I don’t want to seem eager to do so.”

The deliver for the retaliation hit could have been a lot better. Olynyk tried hiding behind the ref which is a childish move but I respect Oubre for having the fortitude to look past that and still deliver a blow that knocks both of them down.

My favorite part about these fights is the clear flopping when people push each other. NBA players, for the most part, are fake tough guys. But god forbid someone pushes you and the shoving match begins. Back in my day we had guys like Serge Ibaka who, with one single punch, almost rendered every single part of Robin Lopez’s face useless. The BEST part about this Kelly on Kelly fight was Markieff Morris and John Walls reaction to what was happening. It’s a look of disgust and confusion all in one.

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