‘NFL 100’ Super Bowl Ad – By The Numbers

Super Bowl LIII featured a plethora of unique commercials. They ranged from dragons terrorizing jousting matches to robots sitting on couches. However, one commercial stood out from the rest.

The NFL 100 commercial was the talk of all Super Bowl commercials this year due to its star-studded cast and wild storyline. The commercial began with numerous former and current NFL players attending a fancy banquet celebrating 100 years of the NFL. The black-tie affair quickly goes awry when Marshawn Lynch knocks a football off the top of the celebratory cake while attempting to sneakily eat a piece.

Marshawn Lynch realizing the disaster he had caused.

Former and current NFL players alike immediately notice a loose football on the ground and have no choice but to resort to their natural instincts of recovering the football. This leads to players recovering, running, passing, intercepting, and fumbling the ball. Essentially two minutes of current and former NFL legends hilariously jockeying for control of the ball. After possession of the football changing many times, the commercial ends with Saquon Barkley gaining possession, and running away from everyone else at the banquet.

Odell Beckham Jr. catching the ball one-handed over a table.

Throughout the entirety of this commercial, three significant women were spotlighted as well. The first of the three women was Beth Mowins. Mowins was the first woman to call play-by-play of a nationally televised NFL game. The second woman shown was Sarah Thomas who was the first permanent female official in the history of the NFL. The last one was Sam Gordon who was a part of the viral videos of her playing boy’s tackle football back in 2012.

Beth Mowins (far left).


Sam Gordon.
Sarah Thomas.









Joe Montana.

Some notable stats regarding this iconic commercial:

44 NFL players; 22 former, 22 current

21 Hall of Famers

11 Super Bowl MVP’s

284 Pro Bowls

53 Super Bowl Rings

Franco Harris.

111,000+ rushing yards

115,000+ receiving yards

214,000+ miles passing

412 sacks

242 interceptions

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