NFL Week 3 Pick’em

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Last week was a good week to follow my picks. Picking without the spread had a record of 14-2, and picking with the spread was 12-4. This past week some teams showed they are legit contenders such as the Chiefs, Patriots, Buccaneers, Steelers, and Falcons. The surprise of the week was the Broncos blowing out the Cowboys in Denver. Denver held Ezekiel Elliot to only 8 yards on 9 carries which is shocking as even Tom Brady had more rushing yards than him!


Rams at 49ers

The Rams have made huge strides from the team they were last year. If they are able to keep the defensive core around long enough for Goff to develop, then they could have a solid roster. Todd Gurley is looking like TGIII from his Georgia days which is very encouraging. If his running game stalls, he is just as effective as a pass catcher. So far Cooper Kupp is looking to be one of the steals of this past draft class. The 49ers managed to almost beat the Seahawks without even scoring a touchdown. This offense so heavily relies on Carlos Hyde that soon teams will force QB Brian Hoyer to throw. Maybe the 49ers will score their first touchdown of the year this week.

Straight – Rams

Spread – Rams (-2.5)


Ravens at Jaguars

The Ravens and Jaguars both have top tier defenses so I believe this game will come down to quarterback play as this be a huge factor in this one. Obviously, the Jaguars have the edge at running back with Leonard Fournette compared to Javorius Allen or Terrence West but count on the Ravens being able to neutralize Fournette. The Jaguars formula to win games is to run and play solid defense, not have Blake Bortles throw a ton of times. I think Flacco will have the better game with the better wide receiver options.

Straight – Ravens

Spread – Ravens (-4)


Broncos at Bills

Denver is coming off a huge win against the Cowboys. While the Bills are coming off a very disappointing loss where they only scored a field goal and did not allow a touchdown. The Denver offense looks like a developed and sufficient enough unit so far under new offensive coordinator Mike McCoy with Trevor Siemien throwing for 4 touchdowns while C.J. Anderson ran the ball well. The Bills struggled to score against a lesser Carolina defense. It will be interesting to see how they perform against Denver.

Straight – Denver

Spread – Denver (-3)


Steelers at Bears

The Steelers caught a break in their matchup last week. They played a Vikings team with Case Keenum leading their offense. The Steelers offense looked good putting up 26 points against a solid defense. The Bears would’ve got shut out by the Bucs if it wasn’t for a touchdown with a minute remaining in the game. With Glennon’s poor performance, many Bears fans want to see 2017 1st round pick Mitchell Trubisky. Glennon’s contract could go down as one of the worst ever.

Straight – Steelers

Spread – Steelers (-7.5)


Saints at Panthers

The Saints look like they might be faced with another losing season. Their defense cannot stop anything for their offense. It might be time for them to part ways with Drew Brees and Sean Payton in a full rebuild. The Panthers are coming off a bad win against the Bills in which they didn’t score a touchdown. Teams throughout the year need to be able to win games when they aren’t at their best. It is a good sign this team could be legit.

Straight – Panthers

Spread – Panthers (-5.5)


Buccaneers at Vikings

This is a game between two of the top contenders in the NFC. If Sam Bradford is inactive again the game will be a blowout. I think Jameis Winston is ready to take that leap into the next tier of NFL quarterbacks. The Buccaneers have one of the more talented offenses in the league and a young and athletic defense to make them a very interesting team. The Vikings will rely on their defense and rookie Dalvin Cook.

Straight – Buccaneers

Spread – No Line


Browns at Colts

This is a battle between two rebuilding teams. The Browns are rebuilding by choice, drafted their QB of the future in Kizer and have a very young defense to develop. The Colts had plans of competing based solely on the fact that they had Andrew Luck. The Colts didn’t surround him with talent and now their only bit of talent is out with an injury. All the pressure now shifts to wideout T.Y. Hilton without a QB to get him the ball.

Straight – Browns

Spread – Browns (-1)


Dolphins at Jets

The Jets are in a full rebuild this season. The only positive outlooks for this team is the emergence of Jermaine Kearse in the trade with Seattle and rookies Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye. The Dolphins offense looked good in their season debut with Jarvis Landry clearly becoming an important target for Jay Cutler and Jay Ajayi building off a strong season last year. I think Cutler and Gase will be a good combination. One negative is that they were, unfortunately, bit by the injury bug last week.

Straight – Dolphins

Spread – Dolphins (-6.5)


Texans at Patriots

I see this game as a welcome to the league moment for Deshaun Watson. He got his first career win last week against the Bengals but now it is his first true test against the Patriots. No rookie QB has gone into Foxboro and beaten Bill Belichick since he took over in 2000. Patriots only suited up 3 wide receivers last week and they still managed to score 36 points by involving running backs as pass catchers as they always do. The Patriots went back to true form after their Week 1 loss.

Straight – Patriots

Spread – Texans (+13.5)


Falcons at Lions

This game could be the preview of this year’s NFC Championship game. After the promising win against the Packers, the Falcons proved themselves to once again be a contender for the Super Bowl. Vic Beasley has developed into one of the best pass rushers in the game so his absence could be a detriment but they have a young athletic defense to carry the load while he is gone. The Lions running game came alive last game against the Giants and if Ameer Abdullah can be consistent then he could be a dangerous weapon to the highest paid player in NFL history in Matthew Stafford.

Straight – Falcons

Spread – Falcons (-3)


Giants at Eagles

When these teams meet, crazy things happen in rivalry games. Desean Jackson’s walk-off punt return touchdown comes to mind. This will be a tough pick as it is in these types of games that Eli Manning thrives. The Giants defense is still very good but it needs to provide scores in order to win games because the offense isn’t really helping. I think the Eagles are the best team in the NFC East with the future looking bright in the hands of the young Carson Wentz. He looks like a potential MVP candidate.

Straight – Eagles

Spread – Eagles (-6)


Seahawks at Titans

The Seahawks are coming off an ugly win after they barely beat the 49ers 12-9. Something needs to change if they want to play in January. Their offense is still struggling with their offensive line not really improving from last year. They will still rely on their defense which isn’t as dominating as it once was during their Super Bowl runs. The Titans had a big win last week over the Jags as their offense came alive. It might be time for them to move on from DeMarco Murray at running back to Derrick Henry. Murray’s injury may have forced the Titans hands into this transition faster than they had originally planned.

Straight – Titans

Spread – Titans (-2.5)


Chiefs at Chargers

The Chiefs look like a strong powerhouse in the AFC with rookie Kareem Hunt leading the charge and the defense is still solid even without all-pro Eric Berry. Travis Kelce is a top tight end in this league apart from his antics on the field and Alex Smith won’t make mistakes late in games. The Chargers have a talented offense but it seems like another season where they lose close games. They will be a competitive sub .500 team once again. The Chargers have wasted the prime of a very good quarterback, in Phillip Rivers.

Straight – Chiefs

Spread – Chiefs (-3)


Bengals at Packers

The Bengals are coming off another terrible performance in Week 2. Bengals have yet to score a touchdown even with a top 5 receiver in A.J. Green. Following a Week 2 loss, the Bengals fired OC Ken Zampese to try and shake things up. The Packers need to win easy games like this one in order to make up for tough losses like last week against the Falcons. The Packers need Jordy Nelson to play all season. He’s one of the top receivers in the league but can’t seem to stay healthy. Any team with Aaron Rodgers has a good chance of winning each week.

Straight – Packers

Spread – Packers (-9)


Raiders at Redskins

The Redskins offense has yet to click like it has the past two seasons. Kirk Cousins did lose two of his top receivers in Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, but the addition of Terrelle Pryor should help fill the void since he is younger, bigger and stronger. So far, Jamison Crowder has taken a step back from last year’s performance. The Raiders have been picking up right where they left off last year. Derek Carr is healthy and the addition of Marshawn Lynch seems to be working out.

Straight – Raiders 

Spread – Raiders (-3)


Cowboys at Cardinals

The Cowboys should look to bounce back this week from an embarrassing blowout loss to the Broncos. There wasn’t one positive to take away from the game. The whole offense struggled and as I said earlier, Zeke only managed 8 yards on the ground. The Cardinals almost lost to a Colts team without Andrew Luck so that pretty much is all that needs to be said about this Cardinals team without David Johnson.

Straight – Cowboys

Spread – Cowboys (+3)




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