NFL Week 4 Picks

It might be time to get rid of the Thursday night game. Take away the season opener and we’ve had a bunch of clunkers. Thursday was no different either. Miami is a complete mess with no signs of going anywhere soon. Ryan Tannehill is not a good quarterback no matter what any delusional Dolphins fan tells you. The only top five he’s in is garbage time quarterbacks. The guy might be a hall of famer if we took into account garbage time. The Dolphins, on paper, have a really good defensive line but in between the numbers they aren’t good at all. It’s frustrating to watch teams that have bad personnel from the top down. The GM loves to pick wide receivers regardless of team need. Need a linebacker? A receiver probably works. Need a center? That receiver looks better. I don’t get it. If the Dolphins are paying Mike Tannenbaum to not do the things needed to win then why the hell aren’t they paying me way less to do the same thing?

Thursday night games are not exciting anymore, if they ever were. I do enjoy the color rush uniforms of every team not named the Dolphins, who came out looking like a box of orange creamsicles. Let’s leave Thursday night for some college football and keep the bad matchups in the Sunday slots so that nobody is forced to watch them. Let’s get into the Week 4 picks. I’m switching it up and showcasing only a couple of games this week. I’ll even start throwing in teasers for those who like to put a little cash down on some games.

Week 3: 8-8

Overall: 28-20

Indianapolis (-2) at Jacksonville (In London)

Our first London game! The 9:30 am start is great for every football fan whose team is not playing in the game. Waking up for the Jets London game last year was absolute hell. Anyways, this is a kitchen sink game for Jacksonville. They’re 0-3, they don’t look all that good and Gus Bradleys seat is getting hotter by the minute. The aforementioned Dolphins left Joe Philbin behind last year after losing to the Jets and the same fate could be in store for Bradley if the Jaguars lose this one. I expect the Jaguars to pull out all of the stops for this one but I still don’t think it’s enough. The Colts have a chance to start to gain some ground on this now wide open division race. I’m taking the Colts in this one

Prediction: Colts

Seattle (-2) at New York Jets

Of course I’m picking this game to highlight and you only played yourself if you thought any differently. Ryan Fitzpatrick is coming off of the worst game I’ve ever seen a quarterback play. He faces an even better Seahawks secondary this week. The only thing I have for him is that it can’t possibly be any worse than what I saw last week. Even if he throws only three interceptions, I still think the Jets can win.

Seattle’s offensive line is a steaming hot pile of garbage. The Jets have one of the best defensive lines in the league. The Jets can take advantage of a hobble Russell Wilson and really force some problems. Seattle relies on the big play a lot, which is the Jets achilles heel but if they can force enough pressure and set the edge on Wilson they can have success. It’ll be a close one with not a lot of scoring and I’m taking the Jets as home dogs.

Prediction: Jets

Los Angeles (+8) at Arizona

Ahh…fall is here, the leaves are changing color, the air gets a little more crisp and…wait, the Rams are in first place? The Rams scored some touchdowns last week and upset the Buccaneers on the road. The Cardinals also scored some touchdowns but got smacked around in Buffalo and got upset by the Bills. The Cardinals worry me. Carson Palmer looks more of the Palmer from the NFC Championship game than he does from the rest of last year. This one is going to be a blowout. The Cardinals coming off of a bad loss and at home while the Rams are coming off of a great win and traveling. I cannot trust Case Keenum and the Rams. They could rattle off four wins in a row but with Jeff Fisher as head coach, that record is coming right back to the mean. I’ve got the Cardinals in a big way.

Prediction: Cardinals

Kansas City (+3.5) at Pittsburgh

The most intriguing matchup of Sunday makes us wait until Sunday night. Kansas City is coming off of a field day against the Jets, picking off Ryan Fitzpatrick six times on Sunday. They’ll be going up against an angry Pittsburgh team trying to bounce back from a smacking from the Eagles. All logical signs point to picking Pittsburgh but I’m taking the Chiefs. This secondary is no joke for the Chiefs. Marcus Peters is about a year or two away from being the best cornerback in the league. The matchup between him and Antonio Brown is going to be a heavyweight battle. Brown will get his, as he always does, but the rest of the Chiefs secondary is great enough to shut down everyone else. Le’Veon Bell returns for Pittsburgh, which will make their offense even more lethal but I can’t bet against the Chiefs secondary. If Pittsburgh opens it up however and takes a 10 point lead, the flood gates will open. Kansas City doesn’t have the offensive firepower to comeback from that. I don’t think that happens and the Chiefs pull the upset.

Prediction: Chiefs

Straight Up Picks










Greg’s Lock It Up Picks of the Week

Broncos (-3)

Lions (-3)

Browns (+8)

Cowboys (-1.5)

Raiders (+3.5)

3 Team Teaser

Browns (+18)

Raiders (+13.5)

Titans (+14)


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