NFL Week 5 Picks

I had this whole opening I was going to do for this piece. I was going to talk about the Thursday night game and dabble in some college football to lead it off. Well the Thursday night game was awful, per usual so I watched the MLB playoffs. I’ve never picked baseball over football but I am locked into these playoffs even with the Mets out. As for yesterday, the whole not sleeping thing caught up with me. I slept for 12 hours yesterday. I went to take a nap at six last night and woke up at six this morning for work. That still counts as a nap right? I missed all of the games yesterday in college football. It was horrible. Shout out to the people who don’t watch sports regularly because that is a life I do not want to live. Anyways, here are my Week 5 picks. Last week I didn’t do too hot and hopefully you didn’t place any wagers.

Week 4 Straight Up: 6-8

Lock It Up Picks: 3-2

3 Team Teaser: Got it

Overall Straight Up: 34-28

New England (-10.5) at Cleveland

He’s baaaaaaack. Tom Brady returns today against the lowly Cleveland Browns. This line of 10.5 is way too low for me. The whole Patriots organization is going to be in F You mode now that Brady’s back. The first quarter may be a little ugly with Brady getting his timing right but after that the Patriots are going to dominate. This will have a trickle down on the whole team as well. The Pats defense didn’t play all that well against a bad Bills offense last week and just like the offense, they’ll be ready to prove themselves against the Browns. I would bet the Patriots if there was a 20 point spread. It’s going to be a bloodbath. My fantasy teams will prosper and the Jets fan in me will be pissed off.

Prediction: Patriots

New York Jets (+7.5) at Pittsburgh

I have absolutely no read on this game. The only thing I’m certain of is the Steelers scoring an enormous amount of points. The Jets weakness on defense is their secondary giving up big plays. The Steelers strength is stretching the field. See where the problem is? The Jets are going to have to score points and a lot of them if they want to compete. Ryan Fitzpatrick has nine interceptions in the last two games. That is not a typo. The one thing that leads me to believe the Jets can score is that the Steelers’ secondary is one of the worst in football. Fitzpatrick will limit his turnovers and the Jets will play well enough to win today but I think the Steelers eventually pull it out and cover. I can’t believe I just picked against my team.

Prediction: Steelers

Buffalo at Los Angeles (PK)

What a bad football game being played in Los Angeles. The only reason I’m highlighting this game is because I want Rex Ryan’s team to get killed. I want the Bills to leave Rex in Los Angeles scrambling to find a job. This is such an easy pick. It might be the easiest pick of the year. Rex coming off of two big upsets and having to face an average Rams team who somehow is winning the NFC West. This SCREAMS big loss for the Bills. Even with the Rams not being all that good I’m betting the house on the Rams if only based on principle. Love the Rams. Don’t love Rex Ryan.

Prediction: Rams

New York Giants (+7) at Green Bay

This is going to go one of two ways for the Giants. They are going to force the ball to Odell Beckham Jr. all game. Coming off of his worst game as a pro and with all of the “controversy” surrounding him this week, it’s really the only thing the Giants should do. The Packers give up a ton of yards to receivers. OBJ should have a monster game. The other way this could go is they force feed him and things absolutely blow up in their face. I am betting on the good happening. The Giants defensive line will force the Packers to rely on the passing game which I think bodes well for the Pack. OBJ will have a huge game but I still don’t see them winning. We’ll see how he feels this week after a huge game but a loss. Rolling with the Packers straight up.

Prediction: Packers

Straight Up Picks











Greg’s Lock It Up Picks of the Week

Patriots (-10.5)

Titans (+3.5)

Broncos -4.5

3 Team Teaser (10 points)

Patriots (-0.5)

Bears +14.5

Rams +10

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