NFL Week 9 Picks

Usually I start these off with a blurb about what’s going on in the NFL but today is different. Today is very different. I am insanely pumped up for todays Jet game. We’re on a two game winning streak, albeit against two bad football teams, and a win today will put us on the heels of being considered a playoff team at 4-5. 

I have a funny feeling in the pits of my stomach that we might see something special from the boys today. The offense has finally established a running game which in turn has opened up the passing game. I’m not going to say anything about Ryan Fitzpatrick being turnover free in the last two games because why would I jinx something like that? Quincy Enunwa is borderline unstoppable when he catches the ball and when the Jets actually use Bilal Powell, good things happen. Hm, what a surprise. Using your good players is good for your team. What a surprise. 

This is the week I expect the Jets defense to finally put together a complete game. In the second half of the last two games the defense has been flying all over the field. Todd Bowles owns Ryan Tannehill. Go back to last season and Bowles had the perfect game plan against him. The Jets defense is playing much worse this year but this is the perfect stepping stone for the rest of the year. I also think this is the game where Darrelle Revis shuts everyone up. He’s been humiliated in the papers, mocked by all the talking heads and his play on the field has shown little to no effort. This is the game where he bounces back and we get glimpses of old Revis. Jets win 31-17.

And now, here are my Week 9 picks.

Straight Up:

Chiefs, Vikings, Eagles, Cowboys, Jets, Steelers, Saints, Panthers, Packers, Chargers, Broncos, Seahawks.

Against the Spread: 

Jaguars (+7.5), Lions (+6.5), Eagles (+2.5), Cowboys (-7.5), Jets (+3.5), Steelers (-2), Saints (-4), Panthers (-3.5), Colts (+7.5), Chargers (-4), Broncos (+1), Seahawks (-7).

Upset of the Week:

Jets over the Dolphins

Best Bets:

Jets (+3.5), Saints (-4), Packers/Colts over 54.5

3 Team 6 Point Tease:

Broncos (+7), Seahawks (-1), Colts (+13.5)

Lets rip!


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