Noah Syndergone

Well the Mets injury woes have started and there is no end in sight. The most recent blow the Mets have been dealt is the loss of arguably their best pitcher, Noah Syndergaard. Syndergaard had to skip his last start because of bicep tendinitis and when the team requested he get an MRI he refused. Well that refusal led to him starting as he was scheduled and right off the bat he was throwing 100 mph fastballs, but getting rocked.

In the second inning he threw a pitch and immediately grabbed his armpit area wincing in pain and appeared to have said to his catcher Rene Rivera “My F***ing lat”. He immediately left the game and flew back to New York as the Mets would get walloped by the Nationals, losing 23-5. We found out that he has a partial tear in his right lat. (Syndergaard injury update)

This is a tough hit to take for the Mets to take as they recently lost their best hitter Yoenis Cespedes and have a few key role players out as well. This injury to Noah could lead to him miss 1-3 months of time, and the Mets no longer have a large amount of pitching depth so Syndergaard for the time being will be replaced by Rafael Montero, who has had terrible numbers at the major league level.

The reason this injury is so aggravating for the Mets and the fan base is that after a very tough stretch we took two consecutive games from the division leading Nationals and had Thor looking to get the sweep. Everything seemed like things would be fine. Like I thought, without Cespedes in the lineup the Mets were still hitting and had a shot to sweep the Nationals and go into Atlanta red hot.

Now unfortunately the Mets have to go into Atlanta with the face of their rotation down and out. Luckily Syndergaard only pitches once every five days so, yes the Mets will fill their rotation with a less than stellar pitcher, but the offense is heating up and things are still looking good for the Mets.

All this really means is that there is a Dark Knight signal up above Citi Field as Bruce Wayne (Matt Harvey) needs to step up and put his suit on to save the rotation while Thor is out of commission. Harvey to this point in the season has had a good start, but it is time to flip the switch, get in the Bat Cave and suit up.

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