Pablo Antonio Gabas Retires after 14 years of playing in Alajuelense

It is sad for me to say but Pablo Gabas, an Alajuelense legend officially retired on May 21st, 2018. This move comes after 14 years, that he played in Alajuelense. The Argentina-born soccer player has done many important and impressive moments. These moments include club championships in Liga de Primera Division in Costa Rica, the now-defunct UNCAF tournament, and a CONCACAF Champions League championship. As for the exact number of accolades that he has been a part of in Alajuelense include:

  • 5-time Costa Rican Liga de Primera Division titles
  • 1-time UNCAF Club Tournament
  • 1-time CONCACAF Champions League title (2004, against fellow Costa Rican team Saprissa)

As for the top five moments that have happened with Gabas in Alajuelense here there are (Sorry for the Spanish broadcasts, but this were the only clips available on YouTube) :

5. Alajuelense 4-2 Impact Montreal

In this game Alajuelense needed to win by a margin of 2 goals to compensate for a loss in Montreal of 2. Even though that Impact won the series on away goals, Gabas jump started Alajuelense by scoring two goals, from a free kick as it is more usual for him and out of a pass to the box

4. One of the many goals against Saprissa

Why is this goal more significant than the others against this rival? A, because it is against Saprissa, B, and in their own stadium. The rivalry between Alajuelense and Saprissa makes Costa Rica pause for two hours just to watch this game, and also this goal was done in the famous “Saprihora” where normally Saprissa would not only score a goal but would win a match in the last 5 minutes of the match. In addition to this was done against Jeustin Campos, one of the most successful Saprissa coaches against Alajuelense, which made it sweeter.

3. The last minute goal against Herediano

The fact that a goal at the last minute of play to send a final to the penalty kicks drops this low means something. There are 2 better goals in his career, and they are mostly in the International stage. Going into the 89th minute of the second leg of the final,  Alajuelense were losing the aggregate score by one, the team needed one goal to send the match to the extra times and then into penalty kicks. The main reason why this goal is so low is merely because of the execution of it but because of the meaning it is in the list.

2. Goal against Morelia

This goal is nearly the best goal of his career but in my opinion there is one that beats it, and that one is from the same Champions League season. In this one still from around midfield and in enemy territory, but the fact that it is from midfield makes it pretty high on the list.

1. Goal against LA Galaxy

This goal is one of the most beautiful of all the goals that he ever did. The usual free kick goal that he is known to do but this one was placed in an unstoppable spot, right at the top angle making it impossible for the Galaxy Goalie to even stop it.

The Costa Rican tradition when it comes to great players is that there is a send-off game between the team of the player’s last match and his friends. As part of the tradition the player being honored plays for both teams, starting in his team of friends and ending playing with the last club that he played for. Moreover, in this match whenever the player tries to score a goal, the trend is that the opposing goalkeeper takes it easy and tries to let him have the goal. Near the end of the game, there is usually a stop where the player celebrates with the crowd one last time while completing a victory lap around the field. In this case the send-off game will be played on July 25th when Alajuelense hosts Gabas’s Friends in the Alejandro Morera Soto Stadium in the El Llano neighborhood of Alajuela City. The game ended with the Friends of Gabas winning against Liga Deportiva Alajulense with a score of 5-4

Sorry again for the Spanish feed, but this was the best video to show the highlights of the game


In other words, Gracias Capi for a great career!

¡Gracias Capi por tener una gran carrera!

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