Pachuca wins the 2016-17 CCL

With the final stage in the current system, Pachuca has clinched the ballot to go play in the United Arab Emirates. Since the series were UNAL Tigres and Pachuca, there is a 100% chance that Mexico will get a representative to the Club World Cup, however, the cup is not as easy to win since, Real Madrid C.F is in it. THE UEFA CHAMPIONS IS REAL MADRID, one of the best in the world.

Here is the breakdown for the Champions League (CONCACAF) final.

GAME 1: UNAL Tigres 1, Pachuca 1

Nothing interesting happened in this game other than the two goals in the game. Meaning that if the second leg were to be a tie, then there will be the traditional Extra Time and Penalty rules as the Away Goal Rule is only used in the rounds before the final. Pachuca scored their goal at the third minute of the first half. Then Tigres tied it in the 32nd minute. After half-time, nothing really happened except in the 67th minute, Tigres had an opportunity to “gain an edge” over Pachuca but, they blew it.

GAME 2: Pachuca 1, UNAL Tigres 0

A relatively quiet game in the first half, a couple of yellow cards and a change, then it went interesting as of the late. Beginning at the 66th minute, everything went from a zero to a ten in a blink of an eye. First, there was a yellow card, then there was a substitution, then another yellow card and another substitution. Then there was a double yellow card, aka a red card on UNAL Tigres. And to cap it all of, Pachuca scored the Game-Winning and Championship-Winning goal at the 87th minute. In short once, that goal went it, it was pretty much over even though there were over seven minutes left. It was a dagger to the psyche of UNAL Tigres because they played a close game and then all of it was ruined.

RESULT: Pachuca 2, UNAL Tigres 1

That is all for this season, check back next season for the new format. 


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