PJ Tucker: NBA’s Sneaker King

The 2017-18 NBA season has possibly been the most exciting, and entertaining, season in the past decade. We have the newest super teams playing out in the wild, wild Western Conference. We have the new-look Cavaliers trying to make their way to a 4th straight appearance in the NBA Finals, and the Kyrie Irving-led Celtics and insanely-hot Raptors trying to dethrone LeBron in the Eastern Conference.

Perhaps the most entertaining part of this NBA season is the flashy sneakers our favorite athletes are wearing on court. There is Kyrie Irving with his newest Nike model, the Kyrie 4s. There’s Steph Curry’s Under Armours which has the sneaker world on watch and LeBron’s 15th signature shoe that has teamed up with Ronnie Fieg and his company, Kith, to create once-in-a-lifetime collaboration shoes that have hype beasts ready to break the bank.

But these perennial All-Stars and their shoe games can never compare to the collection of PJ Tucker. That’s right; PJ Tucker. A journeyman in the NBA that has had stints in Phoenix, Toronto, and now, Houston. This undervalued and not well known NBA player actually has one of the biggest sneaker collections in NBA history and has not been afraid to wear these expensive gems in the game.

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Every night, it seems to be something different for PJ Tucker, and fans of the NBA, and sneakers, are tuning in to see what he’s going to pull off next. We’re ranking the Top 5 sneakers PJ Tucker has ever worn in-game:

Photo via @brkicks on Instagram

#5Air Jordan 7 “Miro”

At #5, we have the extremely rare, “Miro” 7s. These Olympic-based Air Jordans have a unique color design that celebrates Michael Jordan and his run to the gold medal with Team USA in the Olympics. This pair, worth up to $1700, is a rare sight but has been worn in-game before by fellow NBA sneakerhead, Nate Robinson. It’s been a solid 4 years since we’ve seen these gems worn in-game, and PJ Tucker definitely had people turning their heads when he came out of the tunnel against the Celtics.

#4: Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West’s Nike Yeezy 2 is one of the most hyped shoes in the game. The only reason these hyped shoes are number 4 on the list is that we have seen them before. Players like Nick Young and Nate Robinson have both worn them on the court before Tucker. Ironically, PJ Tucker has worn them on more than one occasion. Every time, he has gotten the same reaction from fans and fellow players. The multi-thousand dollar shoes turn heads from anybody that knows what they are. Wearing his Yeezy 2 “Red October” sneakers is the pinnacle of PJ Tucker showing he cares about swag and style over cost.

#3: Air Jordan Retro 2 “Just Don-Don C”

Third on the list is the Air Jordan 2 “Just Don- Don C.” Tucker wore these while with Toronto, against the Chicago Bulls. Listed at number 3 because he was the first person to wear them in the game in the NBA. The rare Air Jordan 2s ran PJ Tucker over another one thousand dollars, making even more sneakerheads jealous of Tucker’s collection. Knowing that PJ Tucker likes to drop jaws with his in-game shoes, it is no surprise we have seen him wear both colorways of the Jordan 2 “Just Dons.”

#2: Air Jordan 5 “Shawn Marion PE”

While this pair of sneakers doesn’t have a crazy colorway, the Air Jordan 5 “Shawn Marion PE” makes #2 on our list because of the interesting story behind them. During his stint with the Phoenix Suns, Tucker pulled out these rare kicks and this caught the attention of the man behind the brand himself, Michael Jordan. While sitting courtside, during the middle of a play, Jordan yelled out to Tucker, “Hey! Where’d you find those?”. Not even the air-ness himself can find a pair and this story alone truly put PJ Tucker on the map as one of the NBA’s top sneakerheads.

#1: Off-White x Nike Air Jordan 1

Possibly the sneaker of the year, the Off-White x Air Jordan 1, had everyone and their grandma in a frenzy trying to buy a pair at retail price before their resell price hit about $2,500. The interesting collaboration with fashion designer, Virgil Abloh, and his clothing brand, Off-White, has some of the most unique designs you’ve ever seen on a sneaker. From an oversized swoosh to a misplaced tongue tag, to neon shoelaces even blatantly labeled, “shoelaces,” these shoes are definitely one of a kind, and once in a lifetime. We’ve seen celebrities, such as Chris Brown and Kevin Hart, wear these at events and other basketball players, such as LeBron James and Jordan Clarkson, wear them walking into the arena. However, these special Air Jordan 1s earn the spot at #1 on our list because P.J. Tucker was the first to wear these in a game. While a surprising move considering their value and place in the fashion world, Tucker wasn’t and hasn’t been, afraid to push the boundaries on what he’ll wear in-game.

To fully understand PJ Tucker’s love for shoes and his shoe game, check out his shopping experience with Joe La Puma from Complex.com, where PJ spends nearly $18,000 on new, exclusive kicks:




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