Play Me That Buzzer Beater Until My Eyes Bleed

I want to see it in my dreams. I want to see it whenever someone hands me their phone. I want to see it on my way to school. I want to see it in gif form. I want to see it every time I blink.

As if we needed any more motivation. The freshman are hurt to start the season? 10th ranked team in the nation late February. Started off 3-4 in ACC play? Rattle off 7 in a row to move into third. This loss is a loss, whatever. Losing to a desperate team on the road in front of 30,000+ on a buzzer beater made me mad for all of 5 seconds. 5 whole seconds I was mad. Jayson Tatum and Luke Kennard are dominating everybody in their paths right now. Same goes for tonight. 

Everyone couldn’t WAIT to boo Grayson, our fifth best player. Congrats on wasting all that energy booing a guy who went 2-11 and sat most of the second half with four fouls. 

Go get hammered on Marshall Street. Have fun with an 11 seed. I’ve got hardware, diamonds and pieces of nets on my mind. 

We’ll be back. Ohhhhhhhh you better believe we will be back. Long term goals > short term goals. See you in Glendale in April. Go Duke. 

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