Potential 2018 March Madness Cinderellas

It’s officially tournament time and I could not be more excited, March Madness is one of the best best times to be a fan of sports in general, why is the NCAA Men’s Tournament so great? The upsets! The Cinderella teams that we all fall in love with that crash the big programs party. Some of the best have been Gordon Hayward’s Butler, VCU, Steph Curry’s Davidson, Florida Gulf Coast’s “Dunk City” team as a fifteen seed. The list goes on and on and every year there is the one small school that defies the odds. Here are the teams that could be putting on the glass slipper this March.


The champions of the A10 have done it before, they don’t have Steph Curry but this team is so good and so fun to watch. With the committee giving a lowly twelve seed, look for Davidson to play with a chip on its shoulder. Winning eight of the last nine, with the only loss in overtime against fellow tournament team St. Bonaventure in overtime, this team is hot. Led by senior Peyton Aldridge, who is averaging 21.5 PPG, will be tough to contain. The only problem with Davidson? They are running into another hot team that is putting it all together in Kentucky, if they can get past Kentucky, watch out because this team could reach the sweet sixteen.

New Mexico State

Watch out for this Aggies team, they are 28-5 and playing amazing. Coming off their 5th straight WAC conference title, and a favorable matchup against an inexperienced Clemson team, look for the Aggies to make the upset, after that they face another possible upset worthy team in Auburn. Led by Zach Lofton who is averaging 19.8 PPG, and Jemmerio Jones who averages 13.2 rebounds a game, the Aggies are no joke. Feel needy to have a Cinderella in your bracket? This is the team to do it.

St. Bonaventure

NEW YORK’S TEAM. Maybe not but they could be the New York team that goes the farthest. They have a matchup against Florida that saw them lose in the SEC tournament to Arkansas. They recently just beat UCLA in the first four. They have three players averaging double digits PPG and are a very well rounded team. This is one of the best Non Power Five conference teams in the country and you should definitely look out for the Bonnies.


Oh man if there was ever a chance that a sixteen seed could do it, this is it. This Pennsylvania team is good and the Ivy League Champions, have a chance to make history against a Kansas team that always finds a way to choke. Some are saying this is the best sixteen seed in the history of college basketball. Highly unlikely that it happens but watch for the game to be closer than you think.

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