Power Ranking: Gym Guys You Hate



I am someone who hits the gym a minimum of 3-5 times a week (humble brag), but whenever I go to the gym there are always people who do some things that I can’t stand. I spoke to some of my fellow gym goers and got opinions on gym guys they can’t stand.

Now, I present to you, a power ranking of gym guys you hate.
1. The Screamer

This person right here is the consensus number one pick. We all know the guy in the gym who is screaming at the top of his lungs after every rep. Listen, I understand grunting and screaming occasionally when you lift heavy weights, but these people scream so much I feel like I am in the new Blair Witch film.

2. The Cell Phone Guy

While talking to my fellow gym goers, they all made some mention of too much cell phone use by people. The use of cell phone in the gym is ok for music but I do not want anyone having a 10 minute break while they are using a machine that I am waiting on. Listen you can text your girlfriend heart emojis at another time, do not do it on mine. “I understand how addicting cell phones are but enough is enough at some point, if you are not there to work out then get the hell out”(Matt Dillon 17’)
3. The People That Film Their Workouts

I want to start off by saying that I completely understand that some people want to film their workouts to correct form or want to capture them getting that personal record they have been waiting for but these people are just ridiculous sometimes. They have a friend set up to film about 30 feet away from where they are actually working out and they have the nerve to get mad at you if you walk by the camera. Multiple times I have walked by someone with a camera and they have had the moxie to tell me to move or yell at me. Hey Stephen Spielberg this is not the sequel to E.T., get the hell out of my face and go do something productive.

4. The Mirror Guy

Now I know when someone reads this they are not too sure what I mean by the “Mirror Guy”, but thats the thing the mirror guy has multiple forms. He is like Mystique from X-Men. The mirror guy is the guy who is always flexing in the mirror after every set. I get the whole have self-confidence thing but please do that crap at home. The mirror guy is the guy at the gym that everyone secretly makes fun of when he flexes because they know if they said anything it would hurt his feelings. The mirror guy thinks he looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger but really looks like Macaulay Culkin. The mirror guy’s other form is when he takes the weights off of the rack and stands directly in front of the mirror and watches himself workout. I actually have no problem with this but the mirror guy ALWAYS stands a foot away from the rack and does not allow anyone else to get the weights that are surrounding him because he is a dope and decides to stand as close to the free weight racks as possible. I hate when I am in the middle of an intense workout and the mirror guy does this. It really grinds my gears.

In closing I want to say that no I am not the strongest, most in shape person ever but I do know gym etiquette from working at a gym while I am home from school. These gym guys that I have mentioned above definitely need to learn some etiquette because they are some unbearable people.