Predicting AFC North Games Weeks 2-8

Finally, football is back! Man, does it feel good but since there is probably no AFC North coverage on this site I will try to predict Weeks 2-8 in the division. Here we go!



Cincinnati Bengals

Week 2: vs Texans 8:25 NFL Network (Thursday Night)

Expect this to be a close game and potentially go to OT.

Bengals 13 – Texans 10

Week 3: vs Packers 4:25 CBS

This game will not be as close of a game.

Packers 35 – Bengals 21

Week 4: @ Browns 1:00 CBS

The first Battle of Ohio of the season, the Bengals will edge this one out in a close matchup.

Bengals 28 – Browns 21

Week 5: vs Bills 1:00 CBS

This will be close but the Bills will still pull off the victory.

Bills 17 – Bengals 14

Week 6: BYE

Week 7: @ Steelers 1:00 CBS

The last time that this game was at Heinz Field the Steelers won in a close game without Martavis Bryant.

Steelers 30 – Bengals 14

Week 8: vs Colts

It’ll be close but Vinatieri will hit the game-winner and give the Colts the W.

Colts 17-Bengals 14

Record: 2-5


Cleveland Browns

Week 2: @ Ravens 1:00 CBS

I simply cannot see the Ravens losing this game, especially in Baltimore. In terms of roster talent, the Ravens are better, they have been stocking up on talent, and their coaches are better. The Browns have been in a rebuilding mode since the early 2000s. The Browns will be 0-2 after hosting Pittsburgh. 

Ravens 24 – Browns 10

Week 3: @ Colts 1:00 CBS

Even with a banged up Colts team, the Browns will not blow them out. That said, this game will be close but the Browns will escape with a victory. 

Browns 13 – Colts 10

Week 4: vs Bengals 1:00 CBS

The first Battle of Ohio of the season, the Bengals will edge this one out in a close matchup.

Bengals 28 – Browns 21

Week 5: vs Jets 1:00 FOX

How can I say this, it’s a battle for not having the first overall pick! This will be a doozy.

Browns 9 – Jets 7

Week 6: @ Texans 1:00 CBS

Houston is going to win in this AFC matchup.

Houston 28 – Browns 13

Week 7: vs Titans 1:00 CBS

Another game that is easy to call, Titans will win.

Titans 20 – Browns 10

Week 8: vs Vikings 9:30 a.m. NFL Network (London Game)

Cheerio from across the pound, it will be a good day for the Minneapolis Metro-Area

Vikings 23 – Browns 14

Record at halfway point: 2-6 (they doubled their wins from last year!)


Baltimore Ravens

Week 2: @ Browns 1:00 CBS

They’ll continue their strong start to the season with a win here.

Ravens 24 – Browns 10

Week 3: @ Jaguars 9:30 a.m. Yahoo (London Game)

Jacksonville will provide a better fight than Cleveland but Baltimore will still win.

Ravens 24 – Jaguars 21

Week 4: vs Steelers 1:00 CBS

They will be sluggish but put up a fight, a typical Steelers-Ravens game. Their two game winning streak will be ended.

Steelers 17-Ravens 14

Week 5: @ Raiders 4:05 CBS

The Black Hole will devour the team, with the help of the Raiders in one of their last seasons in Oakland.

Raiders 20 – Ravens 7

Week 6: vs Bears 1:00 FOX

The Bears will be more like cubs in this matchup against Baltimore.

Ravens 35-Bears 14

Week 7: @ Vikings 1:00 CBS

It’ll be a close game but the Vikings will pull off the minor upset.

Vikings 28 – Ravens 21

Week 8: vs Dolphins 8:25 NFL Network/CBS/Amazon (Thursday Night)

The typical Cutler will rear his ugly head in this game.

Ravens 28 – Dolphins 14

Record: 5-3


Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 2: vs Vikings 1:00 FOX

This is going to be a close game, but I do not see the Steelers losing against a Sam Bradford-led team.

Steelers 21 – Vikings 14

Week 3: @ Bears

Once again for the time being Mike Glennon takes on the Steelers, but their lack of offensive weapons will come back to bite them. 

Steelers 20 – Bears 13

Week 4: @ Ravens 1:00 CBS

The Ravens will be sluggish but the Steelers will win in a typical Pittsburgh-Baltimore game

Steelers 17-Ravens 14

Week 5: vs Jaguars 1:00 CBS

The Jags will look horrible in this game and Pittsburgh will win handily.

Steelers 42 – Jaguars 14

Week 6: @ Chiefs 4:25 CBS

A rematch of the divisional round of the playoffs but I see the Chiefs winning this one by a close margin.

Chiefs 24 – Steelers 21

Week 7: vs Bengals 1:00 CBS

The last time that this game has been in Heinz Field the Steelers won in a close game without Martavious Bryant.

Steelers 30-Bengals 14

Week 8: @Lions 8:30 NBC (Sunday Night)

Unfortunately for the Motor City without a running attack, the offense will flounder.

Steelers 20 – Lions 14

Record: 7-1

Standings based on my picks

  1. Pittsburgh 7-1
  2. Baltimore 5-3
  3. Cincinnati 2-5
  4. Cleveland 2-6

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