Premier League Teams Missed Out on Huge Transfers This January

The January transfer window saw a record $559 Million spent between Premier League teams, but some big teams missed out on season changing players.

Arsenal – Jonny Evans     

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As an Arsenal fan, this January transfer window was an absolute rollercoaster.  Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang are great additions to the team and already showed a difference when Arsenal beat Everton 5-1, but offense isn’t the problem for Arsenal.

The defense has been awful all season and Jonny Evans could have been the player to fix these problems.  Laurent Koscielny and Shkodran Mustafi are decent center backs but constantly get injured.  That means Callum Chambers and Rob Holding get playing time, even though they clearly aren’t Premier League level players.

Arsenal’s defenders have some of the worst positioning in the Premier League.  During the 2 -2 draw against Chelsea the defense looked lost and confused.  Chelsea were passing the ball to wide open players the entire 90 minutes.  Alvaro Morata himself had 3 breakaways but luckily for Arsenal he has been struggling to find the net all season.

Jonny Evans is a smart Center Back and always knows where he has to be on defense.  He stops counter attacks and knows who to cover when people make runs in the box.

The price for Evans was only $24 Million which is low considering the prices of every other transfer this January.  Arsenal only offered $14 Million for Evans.  I don’t understand why they couldn’t offer $10 Million more.  Arsenal’s fight for 4th place is starting to heat up and paying $10 Million more for Evans would have made the fight easier.  Not to mention the $14 Million a club makes by just being in the Champions League.

Photo Courtesy of calciomercato.comLiverpool – Alisson

Liverpool goalkeepers have combined to save only 51% of shots on goal.  This percentage is the worst in the entire Premier League this season.  The teams in the bottom three all have a percentage of at-least 10 points higher  than Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp has not been able to decide between Simon Mingolet and Loris Karius all season.  Mingolet has played more but Karius was just recently named the top goalkeeper going forward.  They both have performed terribly this season, which is obvious when looking at the teams save percentage.

Alisson is a 25 year old Brazilian goalkeeper that plays for AS Roma.  This season Alisson has saved a  percentage of 82% of the shots on goal.  EIGHTY-TWO PERCENT! He has faced 90 shots and allowed 17 goals.  Meanwhile the Liverpool goalkeepers have faced 76 shots and allowed 31 goals this season.

Alisson would fix the one problem with this Liverpool team.  They are 2nd best in the Premier League with 59 goals scored this season.  If it weren’t for their goalkeepers they would be in second place or even contending with Manchester City.  Either way Alisson would have helped Liverpool next season and many in the future because of his age.

Roma’s asking price for Alisson was $54 Million.  Liverpool put in a bid for Alisson but Roma declined it immediately.  The offer price is not known but it sounds like it wasn’t close to what Roma wanted.

If Liverpool want to be successful going forward they need a world class keeper.   They could of had Alisson doing this for them but they missed out.

Manchester City – Riyad Mahrez

Riyad Mahrez and Leicester City seem to be going through a break-up at the moment.  At the end of the transfer window Manchester City made a $74 Million bid for Mahrez.  Leicester City denied it despite Mahrez telling them to accept it.

Courtesy Riyad Mahrez Facebook

Since that day Mahrez has not trained or played in a match.  His last appearance was almost 3 weeks ago and it doesn’t seem like he is coming back soon.  Leicester City travel to Manchester City this Saturday and Mahrez is not expected to travel.

Leroy Sane, Manchester City’s usual left midfielder, will be out for around 7 weeks after suffering a nasty injury.  Sane has been electric for City all season and will definitely be a big loss for them.

The Premier League is already locked up for City but the Champions League will be very difficult without Sane.  Bernardo Silva is no joke but I don’t think he can be as influential as Sane or Mahrez.  Pep has given Silva plenty of chances but Silva hasn’t impressed in any matches.

Expect Mahrez to go to Manchester City this summer when they have more money to spend.

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