Profile: Club Deportivo Saprissa

The history of Costa Rican soccer is as rich as any you’ll find across the Latin American landscape. The top tier of Costa Rican soccer, Liga FPD, was founded in 1921. Sadly I don’t have the time to tell you absolutely everything that’s happened since, but I can give you a quick overview. Let’s take a look at the most successful team in Liga FPD history.



Although they were founded in 1935, Saprissa has only recently joined the ranks of the elite in Costa Rica. Until 1949 they played in Costa Rica’s second division, Liga de Acenso. The club‘s namesake comes from one of its founders, an El Salvadorian immigrant named Ricardo Saprissa, and so does its stadium.



Initially Saprissa played in the National Stadium, as did the rest of the teams in Liga FPD. In 1972 the club moved out of the capital city, but they didn’t move far. Saprissa moved within the province of San Jose to the county of Tibas, near the province of Heredia. Ricardo Saprissa bought the plot of land that the current stadium sits on in 1965. Originally the land was used as a training ground. In 1972 the move to the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Aymá was finalized.


  • La S (The S)
  • Morado (Purple, referring to the club’s colors)
  • Monstruo (Monster)
  • Monstruo Morado (The purple monster)
  • Saprissa



El Clásico Nacional

Widely considered the biggest rivalry in Costa Rica, El Clásico Nacional is between Saprissa and Alajuelense. Matches can become so intense that it is sometimes compared to the rivalry that Real Madrid and Barcelona share. This rivalry used to be played by Herediano and La Libertad until both clubs’ success began to fade. Saprissa and Alajuense boast the most domestic titles of any two teams combined in all of Costa Rica.


Clásico del Buen Fútbol

This rivalry is between Saprissa and Herediano. Although these games do not have the same gripping intensity that El Clásico Nacional has, they certainly do not like each other. The most similar rivalry to compare this match to would be Cruz Azul v. Club America in Mexico.


  • 33-time Costa Rican Champions
  • 3-time CONCACAF Champions


Notable Players
  • Keylor Navas
  • Christian Bolaños
  • Michael Barrantes
  • Joel Campbell
  • Daniel Carbonero
  • Daniel Colindres
  • Ulises Segura
  • Vlademir Quesada
  • Rolando Fonseca
  • Hernan “El Pelícano”  Medford
  • Oscár “El Macho” Rámirrez
  • José Fransisco Porras
  • Juan Cayaso
  • Anderson Leite
  • Henrique Moura
  • Alonso “El Mariachi” Solís
  • Álvaro Saborío
  • Alejandro Alpízar
  • Walter “El Paté” Centeno

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