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The rich history of soccer in my home country of Costa Rica dates back almost a full century. Liga FPD was founded in June 1921. A lot has happened since then. While I can’t show you absolutely everything I would, at the very least, like to introduce you to some of the clubs…


Club Sport Herediano



Herediano, like Alajuelense, was formed as the result of two-plus teams sharing a city. In this case three teams merged in Heredia City to form Herediano. The three former teams are Club Renacimiento, Club Obrero Crístobal Colón, and Club Sport Juan J. Flores. In 1921 the three came to be one, known as Club Sport Herediano.



Los Florenses, the flower people (the Province of Heredia is nicknamed as the flower province)

Rojiamarillos (the Red and Yellow people, their official colors)


El Team

*Herediano is one of only two teams in Costa Rican history to avoid relegation since its inception.



As I stated in the Alajuelense article all the teams in the division used to play in the old National Stadium in La Sabana, San Jose until the 1950s. In 1945 the team started building their current stadium, Eladio “Rosabal” Cordero Stadium, in Heredia City and opened its doors in 1951.


Clasico Provincial

Per my Alajuelense article, the teams share a rivalry based on the vicinity of the two cities within Costa Rica. Alajuelense and Herediano rank second and third, respectively, in division titles won. They are the only two teams that have never been relegated in league history.


*Herediano also has a rivalry with Cartago, but the significance of the matches has been diminished due to Cartago’s inability to win a championship since the mid-20th century.


Clásico del Buen Futbol

Herediano and Saprissa have an even more intense rivalry than Herediano and Alajuelense do. Saprissa is the winningest team in Costa Rican history, surpassing both Herediano and Alajuelense when it comes to domestic titles.


Former: Belen

Before Belen moved to Guadalupe and rebranded themselves as Guadalupe FC they shared a stadium with Herediano.



  • 26-time Costa Rican Champions


Notable Players

  • Paulo Cesar Wanchope
  • Jose Miguel Corbero
  • Marvin Obando
  • Germán Jara
  • Mauricio Wright
  • Dave Myrie
  • Claudio Jara
  • Óscar Grandados
  • Elias Palma
  • Victor “El Mambo” Nuñes
  • Daniel Cambronero
  • Randall Azofeifa

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