R.I.P. Shawty Lo

Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo was killed Wednesday morning in a single car crash. He was ejected from his vehicle after he had hit a guard rail.

It sucks I have to write this. I’m not here to claim myself as this big Shawty Lo fan but I’ve grown up with dirty south hip hop my entire life. From the time I started listening to hip hop, dirty south artists were bumping through the speakers and pissing my neighbors off. Music from the dirty dirty has been a heavy influence on my life so when we lose an artist that was a part of that, it doesn’t sit well.

You may know him best as being the lead man in the group D4L. Remember those guys? If you say no you’re a damn liar. You know damn well you were playing and replaying “Laffy Taffy” back in the day. He was a part of that group.

While his solo career wasn’t anything special he did deliver us a street anthem with “Dey Know”. You, me and everyone else was doing the running dance.

He did end up having beef with one of my personal favorite rappers T.I. They were going at it about who was the real king of Bankhead. I sided with T.I. because, well, did you see the “What Up, What’s Haapnin'” video? T.I. had his number on that one.

Either way you cut it, Shawty Lo was an artist from the most influential area of hip hop music in my life. It sucks I have to write this. The dirty lost a family member. RIP to Shawty Lo. We hope you’re running off through the pearly white gates.

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