R.I.P. To My Outrageous Jets Fandom

They’ve done it. They’ve finally pushed me off the ledge. The past four weeks I’ve been inching ever so closer to just jumping off the ledge but last night I was pushed off. Let me start off by saying that I absolutely, positively, 150000% HATE when the Jets play on national television. Everyone has to see my team screw up and then give me hell for it like I haven’t watched every Jets game of the past six years and don’t know what the deal is.

Last night was the beheading of my outrageous Jets fandom. You might have heard the stories of me watching Jets games. Neighbors can hear me screaming at the TV from inside their own homes, the throwing things in absolute rage, not being able to come within 10 miles of me while the games on and so on and so forth.

That has all come to an end.

I’ve tried to get myself up for games like I used to. There is just no more fight left in this dog, similar to the whole Jets roster. I’ve gone through terrible seasons so this isn’t my first rodeo but there’s something different about just how bad this Jets team is. They have a very talented roster but I get the feeling nobody gives a damn. Watch any Jets game from the past four weeks and you’ll see the same. The coaching staff trots out the same uninterested players and league worst quarterback every single week hoping that maybe, just maybe, something good will happen and every week nothing good happens. Why should I give a damn when they don’t even give a damn?

I have finally accepted defeat. They’ve finally done it to me. I didn’t think this day would come this early in my life but it’s here. Now that I think about it, this might be my quarter life crisis. 10 more weeks of literal hell and maybe this crisis will be over. Maybe after these 10 weeks my life spirals out of control and there will be a 30 for 30 made on me about how a football team actually derailed a college students career just by being on TV. Whatever the case may be, I guess I now am watching games like a normal run of the mill guy. So put me in the pillory, sharpen that ax and do your worst. It’s time to accept reality.

Me accepting my reality:

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