Rapid Reaction: Jets Lose Winnable Week 3 Game

This is what we signed up for! Any Jets fan that thought we were going to get 2015 Ryan Fitzpatrick is as foolish as the people who go to a different college than their high school girlfriend and still think they’ll have the same connection when they come back for the summer. You’re all excited to see her and but then you realize that she has a different boyfriend, leaving you wondering why you wasted time wanting her. That’s how I feel about Fitz.

This was a TERRIBLE game from the Jets offense. The play calling was bad but the play from our journeyman quarterback was enough to contemplate kicking the screen on my TV. I am tired of this one read garbage from Fitz. There were a bunch of plays where a receiver was open, but stuck in his ways Fitz did his one read tand looked like me playing a game of Madden. “Square is running a drag so I’ll throw it to him regardless.”

I’m no football coach or coordinator but when you’re down by two scores you have to push the agenda. The Jets tried to push the agenda on offense and it was putrid. Take away the interceptions which were mostly tipped passes and you’ll see Fitz was throwing into double and triple coverage like that’s why we brought him back. It makes me want to puke. Six interceptions?! SIX INTERCEPTIONS?! The Jets could pay me 5% of what Fitzpatrick makes to throw six interceptions.

The one shining light from this mess of a football game was the defense. The defense did not quit even though the Jets were down by 14 for what seemed like 15 years. They didn’t get beat deep, which was the Achilles heel for this team the first two weeks. The one thing that plagued the defense was the passes to the tight end. In my 22 years of being alive on this Earth, the Jets have NEVER been able to cover a tight end. That didn’t stop today.

The thing that pisses me off the most was that they had 10 days to prepare for this. 10. WHOLE. DAYS. You drive into the red zone, you have a running back who has been in a groove all year and you decide to throw into triple coverage. If I can see, sitting on my couch, that the route isn’t going to open you’d think a PROFESSIONAL QUARTERBACK would see that too.

Every single Chiefs point was off of a Jets turnover. This was the quintessential Jets game. You dominate a Bills team on national television, have 10 days to prepare for a slightly overrated Chiefs team, and then you beat yourself. This game was so frustrating to watch because the Jets weren’t out of it until late in the fourth. Even then they still had a sliver of hope. In typical Jets fashion, they don’t just lose, they rip your heart out. The Jets are that pretty girl you take on a date, everything’s going well and then you suddenly find out she’s dating someone else. They give you a glimpse of hope only to slowly but surely suck out every ounce of happiness from you soul. It’s like getting eaten alive by pigs.

I can’t wait to play this substantially better Seahawks defense next week.

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