Raptors Lose Game 1 In Most Raptors Way Possible

I was told by multiple people, including those close to me, that Game 1 was 100% ours. Cavs are coming off a tough seven game series against the Pacers, Lebrons a tired man and the Cavs are simply not very good. We win game one to get our confidence up only to have Lebron rip our hearts out and feed it to us in five games aka every other time we play them.

But no! The Toronto Raptors, yes those number one seeded Toronto Raptors, managed to somehow out-Raptors themselves. We had Freddy Van Vleet and my youngest son OG Anunoby getting in Lebrons grill throughout the game with impending doom on the horizon. It was a bold strategy that, in the end, didn’t quite work out as planned.

The Raptors can only blame themselves for this. At one point in the fourth quarter and into overtime, they went 1-16 from the field. A single basketball went into the hoop in the most crucial point of the game. Meanwhile, nobody on the Raptors realized that Kyle Korver is a great three point shooter and decided to give him every wide open three that he desired. Another bold strategy by Dwane Casey.

When the Raps play the Cavs, its almost as if they forget how to play the game that they are paid millions of dollars to play. They go from “let’s run our offense through JV in the post because he’s eating the Cavs for breakfast, lunch and dinner” to “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”. Casey freezes up like a middle schooler talking to the pretty girl in class for the first time. He scraps everything that worked and puts the ball exclusively in Derozan and Lowry’s hands to hopefully make a play. That doesn’t work in the playoffs and that especially doesn’t work when Lebron James is on the other team.

I don’t know where we go from here. It was an atrocity. DeKobes jaw almost flew from his body on this Kevin Love elbow:

Drake was begging for his head to land in the 16th row when he started jawing with the Perk Man:

And you had JV perfectly encapsulating what it’s like to be a Raptors fan:

I’m not blaming this game on the roughly 1,000 missed layups in the final minutes and in OT. I should but I won’t. The Raptors need to get out of their own heads and not be afraid that Lebron James is on the other team. They can beat the Cavs. They need to just stay within their selves and focus on playing Raptors basketball for 48 minutes.

Photo credits: Raptors

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