Rebranding: Going South


In the wake of a new name being chosen for the Staten Island Yankees more problems have arisen. My previous article Yay or Nay focused on the angry fan base of the Staten Island Yankees. Fans showed no mercy in expressing their opinions on the possible names for the team.  Staten Island elected officials have now voiced their opinion.

Councilwoman Debi , Borough President James, and former Borough President Guy Molinari who was the reason Staten Island received this farm team all had something to say after the polls had been closed.  Debi Rose actually sent a letter to the team as her formal complaint. Rose went as far as saying that the names sounded like something that had “come out of a zombie apocalypse”. Strange enough it seems that an apocalypse had to have been happening in order for the owners and front office to come to an agreement of a name change now. James Oddo was a little nicer in his remarks but still said “stuck it” to the soon to be former S.I Yanks. Oddo made the point that if the team was going to walk away from the Yankee brand, walk far away from it, and, with that decision be on the “Cutting Edge”. He believed that this was far off from the cutting edge and more on the lines of “self-inflicted wound.” 

The one official who probably felt most affected by the embarrassing names was Guy Molinari. Molinari is the reason why Staten Island received a farm team. Molinari’s reaction is a reflection of the people of Staten Island except delivered with much more grace. While talking to NY1 Molinari stated that some of the names are so bad that people have to be crazy to associate whatever it is now going to be called with the New York Yankee organization.

The rebrand controversy settled down after the first couple of weeks and the responses from Rose, Oddo, and Molinari acted as a catalyst for the new wave of hate. In response to the new hate the Staten Island Yankees declared that the online voting is a binding contract.

A binding contract? An online poll that allowed comments like that was a binding contract…?

An online poll that allowed comments like was a binding contract?

Okay Staten Island Yankees, whatever helps you sleep at night is what the fans will have to accept. During an interview, the CEO of the team Will Smith, said he knew the names would cause drama per se, but, he saw this as an opportunity to build business. The one part of his interview that was most shocking was that the name shouldn’t be viewed as one that represents Staten Island or its people. A point of view coming from someone who isn’t from Staten Island.

What is the team and their name supposed to represent?

If the team isn’t here as a way to help Staten Island as a whole grow, or represent Staten Island and what it has to offer than what was the point of receiving a team all those years ago.

What is the new name?

At this point, the polls have been closed for quite some time. The name has been picked but not realeased. Marketing teams have begun working on logos, mascots, and all the in-between factors. The new name will not be announced to the general public until the end of the year. Also, at this point, the team’s schedule has now been released and all their social media still has the Yankees on it. Before it is all just a waiting game and just as before, the second that new name is printed on a hat, jersey, towel or even schedule all hell is expected to break loose.



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