Rockets/Thunder Game 5 Live Blog

James Harden. Russell Westbrook. What more needs to be said?

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 201710:56 pm

Well folks, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Harden is good and all but, Russell Westbrook for MVP. Peace.

John Fenty April 25, 201710:53 pm

S/o to Russ for a great season though

Ryan Vooris April 25, 201710:51 pm

Comes down to if P(Rushing FT putback) > P(turnover)

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:50 pm

Russ was prob walking back to the bench saying “I was open”

Ryan Vooris April 25, 201710:48 pm

Of course not making it means there’s even less of winning. High risk, high reward.

Ryan Vooris April 25, 201710:47 pm

I like it. He knows Houston’s likely to make a FT if they foul up 3.

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:47 pm

I was just about to say that Jordan haha

Ryan Vooris April 25, 201710:47 pm

There’s a good “hold my beer” joke for Deandre Jordan and Roberson shooting FT

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 201710:46 pm

*ahem* Dr. Vooris *cough*

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 201710:45 pm

Whats the analytics of Westbrook opting to rush the free throw in hopes of a rebound vs making it a 3pt game and possibly force a turnover

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:44 pm


Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:44 pm

Roberson has as many seasons in the league as he does free throws made this series

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:43 pm


Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:42 pm

What a fun final minute of basketball! 30 foot bricks for everyone!

Ryan Vooris April 25, 201710:41 pm

James Harden chasing down Roberson to foul him was quite amusing.

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 201710:39 pm

Who plays defense nowadays anyway

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:38 pm

That last possession was the definition of the Thunders season

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:37 pm

Imagine Anderson trying to guard stretch 4’s for a whole season

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 201710:36 pm

Gimme Adams at the 5 and then spread the floor with Anderson at the 4 and Dougie McBuckets at the 3. Lethal. Morey would be proud.

John Fenty April 25, 201710:35 pm

I’d take Roberson on my team and only have him practice offense and free throws over the summer

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:32 pm

Capela at the 5, Ariza at the 3, and prob Kanter at the 4 if we’re going traditional

Ryan Vooris April 25, 201710:31 pm

If you are drafting a starting 5 off these 2 teams who do you want after Russ and Harden?

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:31 pm

I’m not watching anymore if Russ fouls out

Ryan Vooris April 25, 201710:29 pm

If you are drafting a starting 5 off these two teams who do you take after Russ and Harden?

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:29 pm

Adams doing a great job of letting Harden get all the way to the cup before playing some defense

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 201710:28 pm

I also like that now second to last comment

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:27 pm

I like that last comment

Ryan Vooris April 25, 201710:26 pm

Need live blog software with comment likes.

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:26 pm

Lotta Astros fans in the crowd

Ryan Vooris April 25, 201710:25 pm

Was the crowd chanting “Yankees Suck?”

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:23 pm

When Professor Vooris says Thursday is a work day but you haven’t even started reading

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:22 pm

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:20 pm

Already have a couple of tweets in the chamber for when the twitter sphere blesses us

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:20 pm


Jordan Mitchell April 25, 201710:20 pm

That face Westbrook just made is an instant meme.

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:19 pm


Jordan Mitchell April 25, 201710:14 pm

Rockets are getting to the line more. 22-25 to 11-14

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:11 pm

Because, as you said today, we still don’t know !@$& (anything)

Ryan Vooris April 25, 201710:09 pm

5 for 31 from three…how are the Rockets winning this game?

John Fenty April 25, 201710:09 pm

his hair

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:08 pm

What’s worse Jerami Grants offense or his hair?

Greg Armstrong April 25, 201710:07 pm

Lou Will getting those regular season calls in the playoffs

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20179:59 pm

Damn, 38 on 22 shots. Im quite impressed

John Fenty April 25, 20179:55 pm

It’s much more fun to watch him ball without KD

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20179:54 pm

If only Russ had a 7 foot tall SF to help him in the playoffs…

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20179:49 pm

Thunder have a nice score right now

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20179:49 pm

Speaking too soon you are, young skywalker

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20179:45 pm

Harden gonna be pampering his beard on the bench up 15 while Russ is fighting to the death

Ryan Vooris April 25, 20179:44 pm

Starting already! Watch out for 4th quarter-facing-elimination Westbrook!

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20179:43 pm

Only person that can knock Russ out is Beverley. People forget that

Ryan Vooris April 25, 20179:42 pm

Will Russ injure someone on the Rockets if this goes south? If he does, it’s definitely Bev right?

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20179:39 pm

Bev looking like the old guy at the Y you play pickup with and here he is cooking the Thunder

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20179:32 pm

Beverley is the smallest guy on the floor and I’ve seen him grab more offensive rebounds than the whole Thunder team

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20179:32 pm


Greg Armstrong April 25, 20179:23 pm

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20179:20 pm

When people hear Greg say “there’s my MVP” about Harden

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20179:07 pm

There’s my MVP

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20179:04 pm

6 man like lou will

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20178:53 pm

That ‘almost’ dunk

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20178:51 pm

Lol that Beverley can miss a layup that rolls completely around the rim, get his own rebound and put it back

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20178:51 pm

Okay Eric Gordon. I see you.

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20178:50 pm


Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20178:49 pm

point differential with westbrook on the floor: +6

without him: -6

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20178:46 pm

It’s like the Thunder don’t know how to handle good ball movement when Russ is off

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20178:42 pm

Honestly though what does Billy Donovan tell his team when Westbrook is off the floor… “okay guys lets milk the clock till Russ drinks some Gatorade”

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20178:41 pm

This is some bad basketball

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20178:39 pm

Aaaaand the Russell Westbrook’s take the first quarter 22-16

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20178:37 pm

Not my MVP

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20178:36 pm

What a HORRIBLE possession by Russ

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20178:36 pm


Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20178:29 pm

was probably goaltending but i’ll take it…. schadenfreude

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20178:29 pm


Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20178:26 pm

I swear Harden’s beard has a mind of its own

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20178:17 pm

Except with the word “is now” in between

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20178:16 pm

How dare you Greg. Westbrook and boring shouldn’t ever be used in the same sentence

Jordan Mitchell April 25, 20178:15 pm

Roberson, please never shoot the ball.


Thunder fans

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20178:14 pm

There’s my MVP

Greg Armstrong April 25, 20178:07 pm

I’m putting my flag in the sand. Russell Westbrook has become boring.

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