Rostermania Round up


Since signing on H3CZ as co-CEO of COD operations Chicago has been rather quiet on the news front. Their roster is still involved in massive speculation as they are being linked to Seth “Scump” Abner and Matthew “Formal” Piper. Chicago COD fans are waiting with bated breath for their roster and branding releases


Atlanta is another team that has been very quiet about roster news with even the original rumors dying down. They have however hinted to a countdown of some sort starting on the 5th of October. Whether this countdown is for the game, roster, or branding releases is yet to be seen.


After posturing on Twitter that news was going to coming soon for the new franchise, the team announced on the 7th of October that an announcement is right around the corner. Again we dont know yet if this news is related to their roster or their branding. There has been rampant speculation about what the franchise will be called, however, as the name Dallas Empire has been trademarked by an Esports org that is thought to be Dallas. Almost confirming these rumors the head of Dallas, Hastr0, took to Twitter to say that Dallas has been actively trademarking different names including the Empire. We will have to wait and see what comes out of Dallas in the coming week.


Ever since Florida’s original post that they have signed a full five-man roster already, there has been nothing from Floridas official Twitter page so we will be waiting to see who makes up that roster. There have been other rumors that an Esports org has trademarked the name Florida Mutineers for branding purposes. That would be in line with the Florida franchise and the Misfits org as a whole.


London has had a big week two weeks with the finalization of its roster and the announcement of its branding release. They filled out their starting five with big-name talents Jordan “Jurd” Crowley and Rhys “Rated” Price. These two will be a perfect complement to what was already amazing top three of  Bradley “Wuskin” Marshall, Mathew “Skrapz” Marshall, and Dylan “Dylan” Henderson.

London also seemingly announced that they will be releasing their branding on the 15th of October. They released an image of their five players standing in what we all assume is their apparel. In the image, Dylan’s shirt can be seen to have a bird on it leaving many to speculate that they will be called the London Ravens, but wee will have to wait and see.


Los Angeles (Immortals)

There has been nothing but radio silence from Optic after the signing of  Eric “Muddawg” Sanders from 100Thieves so we will have to wait for official communications from the team. There are rumors that Brandon “Dashy” Otell and Kenny “Kenny” Willaims will be heading to ply their trade in LA.

New York

New York is another team that had a huge two weeks with the announcement that the had signed their full roster. Their roster includes Trei “Zer0” Morris,  Donovan “Temp” Laroda, Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi, Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto, and Dillion “Attach” Price. This is a very strong roster that I think can compete right off the bat with the powerhouse that is London COD. It’s hard to tell how competitive they will be without every team announced, but as of right now they are looking very strong. With Temp’s ability to slay and Acuaary and ZooMaas to be consistent threats, they have a very balanced team.



Paris was another team that was able to announce their whole roster in the last two weeks, however, their roster is considerably less impressive than New York’s and London’s. Their roster includes the names Matthew “KiSMET” Tinsley, Timothy “Phantomz” Landis, Conrad “Shockz” Rymarek, Denholm “Denz” Taylor, and Luke “Louqa” Rigas. Paris was always going to have a hard time acquiring top-end talent from the American and European markets due to location, but this is a poor attempt. Their team consists of no heavy hitters that can make up for the lack of quality amongst the players on the roster. This leaves them very weak and I think they will have a very hard season ahead.



Seattle is another team that has had no official announcement about rosters or branding in the last two weeks. however, a Twitter interaction between James “Clayster” Eubanks and Ian “CrimSix” Porter Talking about Seattle weather. While this is little more than probable Twitter bait by these two COD legends, we as fans can’t but help to be somewhat excited at the prospect of this team in Seattle.

Los Angeles (Kroenke)

Again this LA franchise has absolutely no public communications and has had very little rumors about rosters and branding.


Ever since Minnesota has announced their starting three roster players more roster moves have been kept rather quiet. They have also been keeping quiet about possible branding ideas. Brian Saint, head coach of Minnesota, took to Twitter to compliment his current team and explain how they can be effective together.



Toronto has shared little to no info about their upcoming roster however they did release a promotional video to announce that they will have a  party in Toronto for their branding release. They plan to release their branding on the 24th of October.

If you are looking to keep up to date on Torontos offseason movements you can also join their discord service and sign up for first access to tickets attend their release party on the 24th in Toronto.

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